Abe’s Oddysee remake to be much more than a HD face-lift

Posted on June 10, 2012 - 2:10pm by Ryan Conway

Oddworld fans will be happy to know the upcoming Abe’s Oddysee remake will be much more than a simple HD face-lift of the original. Oddworld Inhabitants stated on the official Oddworld Facebook page that the game will be completely rebooted and reworked from the ground up.

Here’s the original statement:

"We decided to reboot it, not just an HD update to the original PS1 title, this is a NEW game. It will be getting its first public showing LATER this year, with a release date of NEXT summer (2013)." 

The game’s creators would later say that while this won’t be the exact same game, it will be using the original as a blueprint (I guess that means this’ll be a 2.5D game) and we could catch our first glimpse at it as early as September.

While I admit I haven’t been able to dig too deeply into the Oddworld series, I remember the original Abe’s Oddysee being a cool little gem for the PSOne. Even if it was tough as balls though.

Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see just how much this new Oddysee will differ from the original. Will it truly be able to stand tall as its own unique entity? It looks we’ll be finding out sooner or later.

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