Ace Attorney 5 will not feature full voice acting

Posted on October 27, 2012 - 9:20am by Ryan Conway

During a recent interview with Nintendo Dream Magazine (translated by Siliconera), it seemed Ace Attorney 5 producer Motohide Eshiro said the game would prominently feature voice acting but it turn’s out this isn’t actually the case.

It turns out one of two things happened. Either the interview was slightly mistranslated or Eshiro misspoke, as the game won’t actually feature much voice acting. 
Cacpom community manager Brett Elston recently cleared things up on his Twitter feed:
“Saw some posts saying AA5 will have full voice acting - not the case. Just those iconic key phrases! Maybe a mistranslated interview?”
Eshiro must have meant to say the “iconic key phrases” were being re-recorded to match the 3DS’ superior sound quality. 
I have to say while I do find this development to be a bit on the disappointing side; I don’t actually mind the lack of voice acting too much. Just as long as the writing is as sharp as ever of course. 
What do you think g1s? Is this minimal use of voice acting worth raising an “Objection!” over?
Sources: @Brelston and JoyStiq

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