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Posted on December 6, 2011 - 3:50am by Ben Be Jamin

Well, since no one read my last review. I shall try again, but now with the knowledge of knowing how to write reviews!!!(I think)


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Welcome people of Scewattack! I'm here to introduce you to a band from England, called Iron Maiden!!

Now if your too disturbed by the name “Iron Maiden” then you are missing out on one of finest metal bands ever to exist.


Many have heard about Iron Maiden, but their strangely not as popular here in America as they are in other countries. Maybe it's because most of their stuff pertains to English literature and culture. Maybe their music is too interesting, deep and complex for us Americans to understand. Regardless of the reason, their music has never been as popular as it could have been in the U.S. Some of their Albums have gone platinum, but they were never as popular as some of the other metal bands in America.


Well, enough rambling, on to the review.


Iron Maiden(1980) by Iron Maiden

(Original Artwork)


Iron Maiden was founded in 1975 by Steve Harris. Due to many problems with band members, they never released an official album until 1980.


Iron Maiden's first album is not held as highly as some of their other albums like Piece Of Mind, Number Of The Beast, or Powerslave but it is still very good. Probably their most under rated album in my opinion.

(Number Of The Beast, Piece Of Mind, Powerslave.  Left to right)


Iron Maiden, has a unintentionally raw sound, that really gives it a unique atmosphere. The subject matter of the songs, range from the Phantom of the Opera, to the Iron Maiden torture device itself.


The album has many memorable guitar rifts that will get stuck in your head for awhile. The guitarists Dave Murray, Dennis Stratton and bassist Steve Harris, are superb. They're perfectly in sync with each other, which allows them to create interesting and complex pieces. For Example:


Iron Maiden – Transylvania


The vocalist, Paul Di'Anno, with his raspy voice, really compliments the raw feeling of this album. While he is often regarded as inferior to Bruce Dickinson(vocalist in later albums), he still does an a good job, and he works really well for this album's style.


Iron Maiden – Running Free


Almost all of the tracks on this album are memorable in their own way. With the exception of “Strange world”, which is kind of weak compared to the others. It's pretty average. All of the other songs have since been redone by the band, except “Strange World”. Maybe if it was on a different album, with less quality, then it wouldn't be so forgettable.


The stand out tracks are: “Sanctuary”, “Phantom Of The Opera”, “Running Free” and “Iron Maiden”. While others like “Transylvania” and “Charlotte The Harlot”(apparently based on a true story) are interesting in their own right.

Iron Maiden - Phantom Of The Opera


Iron Maiden - Charlotte The Harlot


Iron Maiden - Sanctuary


This album may take some time to get used to, especially if you've listened to some of Iron Maiden's later music. It took me a couple listens to finally appreciate this album for what it was. Of course, you may just fall in love with it the first time you listen to it.


If you don't like metal, then this still may be worth a purchase. It's quite a bit mellower than other metal albums, including their later albums. And if you do enjoy metal, then most likely you will have greater respect for this album.


I give it a 9/10


I'll close with my personal favorite of the album.

Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden


Thanks for reading!  Don't be afraid to comment.

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