The Amazing Yoshi

Posted on July 11, 2012 - 2:30pm by BigBossofMoss


I had this idea ever since I saw the Amazing Spiderman. Just decided what hell and wrote it. If you want another chapter guys, tell me.

It is a busy afternoon for Chad James. The big 4th of July sale had ended leaving him with a surplus of orders of shirts and DVDs to sort through, file, and mail.

He yawns, the day finally catching up to him. “Man, I wish this day would end.”

At that moment, Sam walks into Chad’s office. “Yo, Chad. Craig wants to see everybody.”

Chad looks up at him. “What for?”

Sam shrugs his shoulders. “Don’t know. But he seems excited. Can’t be good for us.”

Chad chuckles before getting up from his desk.

* * *

Everyone from the HQ gathers round as Craig and sees that he’s surrounded by three half gallons of ice cream. Everyone’s at a loss for words until Craig speaks.

“Anyone up for another eating challenge?”

Lauren’s hand instantly goes up. “I’ve been waiting forever to do one of these. Who wants to take me on?!”

Sam grabs Chad’s arm and raises both his and Chad’s hand. “Us too. You’re going down!”

Chad pulls his arm out of Sam’s grip. “Dude. I don’t wanna do this.”

Sam shakes his head a bit, astonished. “Stop being a pussy. What? Can’t handle a little ice cream?”

Chad rolls his eyes. “If this was challenge that didn’t have to do sweets, I’d be totally down but…” Chad glances at the tubs of ice cream …“I don’t think I’ll win in this challenge.”

In the corner of the room, Drake looks around before raising his hand. “I’ll do it if Chad’s out.”

Craig claps his hands together. “Great! So Lauren, Sam, and Drake, I’ll give you all time to prepare and we’ll start in about an hour. Sound good?”

The three of them nod as Chad leaves the room.

* * *

Taking a break from merch orders, Chad sits down, thinking about the ice cream challenge. He sighs to himself. “I could probably win if it was another chicken or pizza challenge. If only…”

Chad’s eyes instantly light up and he quickly opens his Mac book and starts typing up an email.

After sending the email, the merch director waits a couple of moments. Suddenly, a bright light fills up the office and out of the light stands a scrawny looking nerd holding what appears to be some sort of teleporting device and a bio-canister.

Chad smiles. “Good to see you again, Dr. Octagon.”

The doctor carefully puts down the canister. “I brought what you asked. Are you sure you want to test this on yourself?”

Chad nods. “I’ve always wanted to and there’s no better time than now for this eating challenge.”

The doctor sighs. “Alright then, contact me daily so that I can analysis the effects.” Dr. Octagon opens up the bio-canister and takes out a vile containing an unknown green liquid. He then takes a syringe and fills it up.

He turns to Chad. “Give me your left arm. Are you ready?”

Chad gives the doctor one finally nod. “Do it. Inject me with the Yoshi DNA.”

A second of sharp pain and the feeling of the foreign liquid bring a striking realization over Chad. There’s no going back now.

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