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Posted on May 8, 2012 - 8:11pm by JETZ.acx

I wanna point out a huge disclaimer here: Yes, there's PONIES in this blog. And YES, I'm about to criticize a certain g1 brony for being a little too obsessed...but I want to be perfectly clear about two things: 1) I don't consider myself a brony because, no matter how much I look at it, I just can't find myself liking either the fandom or the show. And 2) I don't hate bronies. I really don't. If you read this, you'll understand why. Even you. You know who you are.

So...where do I start?

It’s no secret that ScrewAttack has its fair share of this peculiar community that we call “bronies” – fans of the newest TV show from the popular Hasbro brand, My Little Pony. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay, even more so after DEATH BATTLE! went all the way and release an episode just to cater that fan base. Where do I stand now, after a month of releasing what I like to call “the most ‘effed up episode of g1 Digital Forecast”?




Many g1s dreaded the idea of a fully-ponified video show from ScrewAttack. I did too...

“My Little Digital Forecast” didn’t cross my mind before glancing around ideas to tackle April Fools’ Day. I mean, hey, it fell on a Sunday, so you knew we were planning on something cool for that date. However, me being the guy with the ridiculous mind and drive to push everything to a higher standard, told myself to find a cool way to fool everyone. And thus, after reading issue #12 of ScrewAttack Magazine, I decided to muster my courage and go all-in for a pony-hosted forecast.

Interestingly enough, neither WaterShocker or chaos15 were involved until late March where I had discarded all of my choices; the first idea was to bring an animator to draw Rainbow Dash into the mix (easily the most popular pony in ScrewAttack thanks to her involvement in DEATH BATTLE!), but no animator was available to help out. I thought of using Urimas sprites, but even he said they were hands off to the public. Abridging was out of the question – I was not willing to watch a few episodes just to grab a couple of frames of Rainbow Dash talking, and neither was HybridRain since he’s busy with the magazine (who BTW was my first accomplice :P). At a last-ditched effort, I decided to call in chaos15 for help. I loved his comic strips, as much pony-related as it might be – so it was only natural to ask for help to him. He gladly volunteered.

But he was only there to draw, not to host. So we still had to find a cool host to help us out. After bargaining a bit with WaterShocker about researching for the g1 Spotlight (as he was scheduled to complete that duty), we both went on with this process.

As bronies would say…Oh, my Celestia.





That week was easily the most torture I’ve ever had, no hyperbole – and my Alliance friend Raven could easily make my head explode with his constant talk about Nippo-Icchi games and MMOs. WaterShocker, with all due respect to him, is one obsessed brony. There’s a reason why some g1s can’t stand him at all – his way of talking, no matter where he is, is  full-time pony linguistics. Whether that makes him 20% cooler or not, that’s up to debate, but needless to say, I tried my best not to get too curled up with his and chaos15's antics and kept them in check to concentrate on the project. Thankfully, g1 Spotlight researching remained fairly limited to, well, g1 Spotlight talk. To give credit where it’s due, he knows how to tone it down when required, as he is passionate towards the g1 community as much as he is towards the brony fandom, but I learned my lesson that week: if you don’t want pony talk with a brony, don’t even MENTION the word “pony” to them. It’ll save you the trouble. (Kind of ironic since this entry if filled with ponies, don't ya think?)


Oh, HELL no you won't.

Then again, I could have taken this a step further and make myself a full-blown brony at April Fools, and it all seemed like it when I switched my current Twitter avatar (Trainer Kyubey) to a Twilight Sparkle one. Hell, even Darkhyrulelord was planning to do so with what he “kindly” calls “the pink demon” (if you don’t know what he’s talking about, good – your eyes are still virgin towards this fandom), but both of us hesitated and decided to keep it toned down for the rest of the day.

That said, My Little Digital Forecast did happen. The response?


“I left as soon as I saw "My little digital forecast"


“Probably the best April Fools’ joke on this site.”


“Fuck ponies seriously?! And yeah I watched the show, does that mean I don't have soul :)”


“Oh man I was worried about this issue of the Digital Forecast... THIS WAS MIND BLOWING!!! Awesome job everyone.... AWESOME JOB!!!”


*shoots self*


“Greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.”




I must admit that I want all these ponies out of my head as soon as possible, since I’m from a time and country where people don’t treat those who like…well, “girly” stuff kindly. But let’s face the truth: ponies are here to stay. And no matter how much you want to wash them off your head, you still know that won’t happen; as much as I want to stop thinking about pink equines breaking the 4th wall or mentally-unstable animals uttering a single line from a script JUST TO MAKE AN ENTIRE FANBASE SOIL THEIR PANTS OUT OF SHEER AMAZEMENT (oh dear lord), they’re now in my mind and it’s the kind of stuff that tempts me to watch the show just to see what’s the fuzz all about. I mean, you can’t talk crap about something unless you try it, huh? Darkhyrulelord – our resident “pink demon” hater – managed to squeeze through season 1, and while he still has a couple of nightmares and his face is forever scarred after numerous self-warlock punches for going through the show (most likely because all the musical scores…)…he’s still in one piece. Yet he didn’t like the experience at all. He'll probably warlock punch me and kill me to save me from the torture. Meh.


See the right side? Pretty much my feelings right now. Although I'm no hater...but STILL!

Soooooooo…what’s next for me? Dunno. I’m most likely going to finish G1 Transformers first before even thinking about going on to the daunting task of watching every episode of MLP. I might as well enjoy the best of Hasbro’s flagship properties, don’t ya think? And I know people’s going to hate me for going through this, but seriously. I know there are limits. I know I can’t be another WaterShocker, with all due respect for him and his obsessive attitude towards the property. I just can’t picture myself being so involved into something I might love…OHWAIT…


E...yup. I still don't know know how to feel about this after all these years.

Yeah…That…ugh. Busted. You know, that could be a cool topic for a future blog. Then again, no g1 complains about Zelda fans…why should they complain about Midna fans?

Ah. Right. That.

JETZ.acx signing off!

Like if really use Google+ lately...I do have Raptr though.

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