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Archie's Mega Man brings Zero into the mix in March

12/13/13 2:10pm

A few months ago, I told all of you wonderful g1s that the world of Archie's Mega Man comic series is about to get more massive with the meta-time travel back-up tales of the Blue Bomber's younger brother, X.

Of course with X, some people would ask, "where's Zero?" Fair enough. He is the second most important character in the X series. So where is Zero?

As you can see by the variant cover of March's Issue 35, he is currently murdering the sheisse out of what looks like WAS Launch Octopus. WHO WANTS CALAMARI!

For those of you who are still interested in the adventures of plain old regular Mega Man, he's apparently still cleaning up Ra-Moon's mess, because the regular cover is this.

HOT DANG! To be fair, though, this is actually all symbolism. To explain that, though, would be spoilers.

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