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Posted on September 23, 2012 - 11:55pm by Alpha Unit


Note: Some of the older questions on my wall disappeared, I apologize for that. 

Whazzup sexually appealing community of Welcome to Ask the Community Anything, which is basically what the title says, I ask you a question, you answer, and of course, it gets posted right over yonder. If it gets anymore complicated that that, you have my complete and total permission to shoot me in the forehead with a pistol because simplicity is the real diggity in this here show. 

Let's keep this introduction at a grand minimum because you aleady know what's going down and how this all took place. Check it! 



Now with Grape Flavor <------ 


Your favorite anime?


Dum Dum Dugan: All things Ghost in the Shell, especially Stand Alone Complex.
JohnnyFarrar: OP or Bebop
Jawbreaker Alumni: A tie between DBZ and Sailor Moon.
retrofire7: One Piece



gabrielh: Kinnikuman
E-GAG101: FullMetal Alchemist
TheDT100Man: Cowboy Bebop or Deadman Wonderland
Ferret75: Death Note
ExplodingLobster: Great Teacher Onizuka
pandaraph: One Piece
Slayer478: Cowboy Bebop
SuperChunLi89: Currently, Death Note and Code Geass. All time, hard to say.
Canadian Brony: Dragon Ball Zed.
LousyTactician: Baccano



kongk4: Spice and Wolf.
BannerWood: I'm a fan of Rurouni Kenshin, Last Exile, xxxHolic, and numerous long as they're not overly cliche'
Mach5Mike: Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Zoids, Gurren Lagann, G Gundam, Casshern Sins, and of course, Speed Racer.
MegaSilverX1: Never watched that much anime, but I guess Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Fullmetal Alchemist.
WestCoastGamer92: Never really had one..............ok Dragon Ball Z, sue me.
Master Wayne: Cowboy bebop, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing. Who haz just 1 favorite, who i ask you.
Whitly: Either <em>Wolf's Rain</em> or <em>Fullmetal Alchemist</em>, but anything by Studio BONES that I've seen is still really good...
KabalsUmbreon180: Vampire Knight or DBZ.
Jack Archer: Lupin the Third and Macross


What was your first video game?


KabalsUmbreon180: Pokemon Silver on my GBC that had Pikachu and Pichu by the screen border.
DJNeedles52: a link to the past
LousyTactician: Strangely enough, I believe the first game I ever played was Sonic The Hedgehog for the Genesis. I could be wrong, but there is footage of it and I don't remember ever playing a game before then, so I believe that's the game. It's strange, because while I have a lot of love for the Genesis and by no stretch of the word dislike the old Sonic games, I'm not a huge fan of them.
retrofire7: Super Mario Bros
bigjoe91: Super Mario Bros. The original!
Slayer478: Super Mario World. Awesome game to start out on if I do say so myself.
JohnnyFarrar: Super Mario All Stars + World
Mach5Mike: Mario Kart 64.
darkvapor: the first game i felt was mine is megaman legends
Branch: I think the first one I bought was Spyro 3 but the first one I played was Pokemon Yellow
Two-Bit Specialist: Super Mario World
pandaraph: Bugs life the game :/
Dum Dum Dugan: Super Mario Bros.
Jack Archer: Mortal Kombat
gabrielh: Wario Land 3
E-GAG101: Parrapa the Rapper
Master Wayne: Alex Kidd in Miracle World for the Master System. Yeah.
King Meatball I: Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt combo cart for the NES. Got the Legend of Zelda on the same day but think I played SMB first.
ExplodingLobster: I can't remember. I think it may have been Crash Team Racing.
Atsinganoi: Something for the Atari 2600, probably Asteroids or Missile Command.


Which Mario Game is the Best Mario game?


gabrielh: Super Mario Bros. 3
E-GAG101: Super Mario 64
LousyTactician: Super Mario Sunshine.
southsing: Super Mario Galaxy was in my opinion the most groundbreaking and fun Mario game I have ever played.
Slayer478: Super Mario Bros. 3 Easily the best. You cannot deny big world...
Mach5Mike: Super Mario Galaxy 2
King Meatball I: Super Mario Bros 3
WestCoastGamer92: Super Mario 64
Canadian Brony: Super Mario Sunshine all the way!
ExplodingLobster: I know it's not a very popular opinion but Super Mario Sunshine, because it's the mario game i've had the most fun with.
KabalsUmbreon180: Super Mario World is the best in my opinion.
bigjoe91: Super mario all-stars + world? Does that count?
Jawbreaker Alumni: Yoshi's Island
retrofire7: Super Mario World for me.
Two-Bit Specialist: I'll join the bandwagon and say Super Mario World as well.
JamesRonald: Mario 3 it's the most fun to speed run

What's your favorite Street Fighter character?


Master Wayne: Ken... he's a cocky bastard, like myself.
gabrielh: Sagat
Branch: Dan because everyone thinks he sucks and it annoys the hell out of people when you beat them as him. Also Ken, Sagat, Balrog, Zangief, Abel, Juri and Dudley because they're awesome in general
Mach5Mike: Chun-Li, because she's been the only Street Fighter character best fit my play style for fighting games (speed over power); and has everything I need in fighting game character with the exception of decent health.
Dum Dum Dugan: Zangief, because he has the best endings and he wrestles bears.
retrofire7: Ryu, because of his balance fighting style and this story of trying to keep this Satsui no Hadou in check.
LousyTactician: Fei Long because he's the original Fighting game Bruce Lee clone and Q because he wears a sexy trench coat.

Do you guys have Mac or Windows?

gabrielh: I have a MacBook.
southsing: I have Mac laptop, a mac computer, windows computer, and a windows laptop.
Slayer478: Windows
chainsawgrizzly: macbook pro myself
hypercombo64: my laptop is a mac... if or whenever i get a pc tho it will be running windows probably
LousyTactician: Windows
Whitly: Mac. I own two laptops from them at the moment: an older, fully-functioning one, and a newer, completely busted one...
Dum Dum Dugan: Windows on my desktop and Ubuntu on my laptop. :P
Ferret75: Windows.
Branch: Windows, my friends would probably try to kill me if I got a Mac (sorry for posting twice It didn't load the first time)
Mach5Mike: Both
retrofire7: Windows

First Console?


psb123: Nintendo 64
Master Wayne: MASTER SYSTEM!!!!!!
southsing: Playstation 2
Slayer478: Super Nintendo
pandaraph: Playstation
gabrielh: Nintendo 64
Canadian Brony: I played on my friend's N64 a lot, but the first console I ever actually owned was my Wii.
WestCoastGamer92: Nintendo 64
LousyTactician: Sega Genesis and funnily enough the SNES is my favorite console.
bigjoe91: NES
MegaSilverX1: Depends. Before I was born I think my families first console was the Commodore 128. My first console was the GBA.
ExplodingLobster: Playstation.
Jack Archer: Atari 2600 and Commodore Amiga
joeshadowman: Atari 2600. Though it didn't work... So NES.
Mach5Mike: Nintendo 64
Branch: Original Playstation or the Game Boy Colour as my brother had them when I was born
retrofire7: Nintendo Entertainment System

Country of origin?


pandaraph: USA, nothin special about me :P
Mach5Mike: USA, though if we want to get into ancestry, Africa :D
SuperChunLi89: Mexico.
KabalsUmbreon180: Guatemala.
Canadian Brony: Canada. (duh)
Branch: UK, more specifically England
Master Wayne: England U.K.
retrofire7: California, USA
southsing: Canada
Jack Archer: Latveria

Anything in a video game still scare the crap out of you?


ExplodingLobster: The Mansion level from Timesplitters Future Perfect still disturbs me.
pandaraph: 3D Dinosaur Adventure for PC, that whole fucking game.
retrofire7: Jump scares in games. They are annoying as hell.
LousyTactician: Most Horror games where I need to avoid and run from enemies rather than kill them.
Mach5Mike: The game over screen in Metroid Prime.
Jawbreaker Alumni: Oddly enough, the Zingers in Donkey Kong 64, but not the "GET OUT!" voice in Angry Aztec.
KabalsUmbreon180: King Mimics from Dark Cloud and Pokemon Tower.

Any Death Battles you wish could happen?



Mach5Mike: Just because it needs to happen (alongside Superman vs. Goku), the orignal Dino Megazord vs. Voltron.
LousyTactician: Scott Pilgrim VS. Travis Touchdown
retrofire7: Also in Justice League he cut this hand off to save his son and that's a awesome father. (Sorry typed on the wrong box and can't delete this post -_-)
ExplodingLobster: Indiana Jones vs Nathan Drake
pandaraph: The One Piece Crew VS Hand picked Naruto characters (like sasuke, rocklee, naruto) and a fight between Captain Qwark and Zap Branagin

What is the most underrated game you've ever played?

dreamkaster64: night journey into dreams
Branch: Deadly Premonition because most people hated it and it was incredibly polarizing but I liked it
southsing: Rayman Origins
Mach5Mike: Speed Racer The Videogame, which had two strikes against it: it's a movie tie-in game, which many gamers and reviewers pass up most of the time, and the movie itself was also seriously underrated.
KabalsUmbreon180: Godzilla Save the Earth.

Have you ever had a crush on a video game character?


Mach5Mike: I don't a crush on these two, but I have always admired Chun-Li and Samus Aran as strong female characters.
pandaraph: ,,,,,dont think I'm weird or a furry....but Carmalita Fox ;A; and Tron Bone, it was when I was younger
Jack Archer: Tali 'Zorah...... do I need to say more?
BigBossofMoss: Malon. I don't know why. I always found her as a very wonderful person.
Slayer478: Samus Aran. Enough said...

One last question: Favorite indie game?



southsing: Minecraft
ExplodingLobster: Castle Crashers
Mach5Mike: I'm pretty sure Skullgirls should count, right?
Canadian Brony: The Binding of Isaac
OneAppleJuice: Braid.
There ya go, beautiful friends 'o mine. I prostinated too much, there was some really persistant glitches here and there because of the style of blog's development, life's getting in the way, and I'm addicted to Kirby...But fuck my excuses, forgive me for being a tad late on this little bundle of love and horror, you gotta realize there's currently obstacles in my way and that the time for me to post a bajillion blogs is around two months away. If you can be that patient with me, I promise you what I can only describe as "delightful suprises", but like always, I'll be lax on things.
What those suprises are of course a brand new season of g1 Interviews, a new season of SIDETRACKED, a retooled version of Indie Shack, some shitty drawings by yours truly and what I call an "interactive game"....AND MOAR. All right, hang tight, things aren't light speed yet, but prepare for the unevitable flurry of my insanity in the future. 
Thanks for being patient with me, what I do here is all for you: I do consider some of you to be my friends, even if we haven't brofisted or manhugged. I love you guys (no homosexual tendencies intended), you're making me understand what it means to be a geek.
Now the secret Krabby Patty formula is


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