Ask the Community Anything: Funny Title which Happens to be a Clever Video Game Reference

Posted on October 22, 2012 - 6:00pm by Alpha Unit

What kind of g1 user blog always makes the front page? Well, maybe a top 10. Or maybe a news post. Perhaps a top 10, sometimes a 20, oh, but never forget a news post. Yeah, I think we need to cut down on that and get some fresher things out there on the front page, but hey, that's just me...Trusty ol' Alpha Unit... *shifty eyes* 

Okay, for our main course on today's menu, you have yourself Ask the Community Anything, a series that I helm that concerns that opinions and the wise cracks of the lovely ScrewAttack g1 community. I ask you something, and you either respond honestly or do your best to sound like a smartass. Capiche? Yeah, I think you got it. It's simple and easy to understand.

I think we should get a move on...Ooh, funny picture!

Describe yourself in one word?


southsing: quiet
Whitly: Curious...
MegaSilverX1: Quiet
Ferret75: Complicated
Slayer478: Outcast
Mach5Mike: Nerdy
Jack Archer: Scary
bigjoe91: "Imagamerengineerfrenchcanadianguyposingasalovablecat" It's in quotes, it counts.

LousyTactician: Insane.

Which Ninja Turtle is most like your personality?


ShadowCaio: Leonardo.
Branch: A slight mix of all of them, I'm pretty smart and usually calm and relaxed but sometimes I will just flip the hell out.
Master Wayne: maybe if Mikey and Donnie had a baby?
DXKramer: Mikey
KabalsUmbreon180: Donatello.
LousyTactician: Raphael, I'm hotheaded.
Jack Archer: Definitely Leonardo
Mach5Mike: I'm definitely a Donatello; I've always been known for my brains rather than other things like athleticism.
retrofire7: Leonardo

Humans die out, dogs and cats evolve into two separate societies with advanced technology. Who will win the war?


southsing: Dogs :D
bigjoe91: Based on our latest predictions, the humans will die out in 2024 and we will defeat the dogs in 2045 by throwing a bone off a cliff.
Jawbreaker Alumni: Dogs. Why, because of pitbulls.
LousyTactician: Cats, they are scientifically proven to be better than dogs. THAT SCREWATTACK POLL PROVES NOTHING!

WestCoastGamer92: Cats, they're smarter.

Jack Archer: Isn't that obvious? The war would be won by a 3rd side: the Roaches that used Nokias as nuclear armor.

retrofire7: They will both live together because Ghostbusters said so.

Canadian Brony: Dogs. Cats are so self absorbed they'd just kill each other.

Choose 1 super power that you want, but your super power can't be to wish for more super powers or have the power to have all powers.


southsing: Flying. :D
Nitroklop: Regeneration. So I could tear my limbs off and it be A OK.
pandaraph: I have the power to turn into Joan Rivers, so I can scare the holy fuck out of people and throw my skin everywhere
Jack Archer: I'd have the power to invoke Dan Castellaneta in genie form to give me temporary superpowers in exchange for the blood of 101 puppies and 69 orphans.
Mach5Mike: Telekinesis, since I know how I could get a few more powers out of it :D
LousyTactician: Either super-human reflexes or Iron Fist's ability to solidify his hands/punch stuff through 'Chi concentration'.
bigjoe91: I want the power of love!
MegaSilverX1: Stop time
Canadian Brony: Travel between dimensions.
retrofire7: To shoot a Kamehameha

What's one video game genre you hate?


MegaSilverX1: Sports/FPS
southsing: RPG's are confusing (except the mario ones)
Slayer478: Sports..... I just don't get why.......
WestCoastGamer92: RPGs...I don't get them.
KabalsUmbreon180: Sports simulation games. I want so crazy moves and streaks of color come out of the players.
Jack Archer: I've come to hate some Sport games, but the only genre I seriously can't all is whatever the hell The Sims was....
Flapperdoodle: FPS... can't stand it.
Jawbreaker Alumni: Sports sims. I see no point in them because I can save my money and play the sport myself.
LousyTactician: I've recently grown very cynical towards Rogue-Like games. I'm a huge fan of games with high difficulty, but Rogue-Like games feel less like games of skill and more ones of luck since so much damn stuff is randomized.
retrofire7: Sport games unless it has powers like the mario games.
Canadian Brony: I'm not very fond of point and click games...

Chuck Norris Vs. Batman. Who will win?

Slayer478: Batman
Flapperdoodle: BATMAN.
Ferret75: Batman would win.
Mach5Mike: Batman, because he's Batman. End of discussion.
Branch: Batman, with prep time, the Batman can defeat anyone but he wouldn't even need it to beat Chuck Norris.
southsing: Chuck Norris, but if given the time, batman.
LousyTactician: Batman. I'm aware you were joking when you asked the question, but logically he has a wider variety of fighting styles (over 127), greater strength feats (Chuck Norris has never lifted half a ton), a wider variety of tools albeit largely non-lethal ones, and is more well armored. All Chuck has is an overused joke about how he is an unstoppable god.
pandaraph: Chuck Norris, dressed as Batman
Jack Archer: Definitely Batman, specially if played by Keaton.
Jawbreaker Alumni: Batman, Chuck Norris wishes he was Batman.
retrofire7: If prep time Batman

Big debate here: Marvel or DC? I am a Marvel person here.


pandaraph: Shonen Jump bitches
Branch: Marvel, Batman is awesome but Marvel has always been better in my opinion
Jack Archer: Huge Marvel guy here.
Mach5Mike: Because they have my top two favorite comic book characters (Robin and Static Shock), I'm going with DC (though Spider-Man is a close 3rd place).
Chaos15: In my opinion Marvel has the characters I can relate to and DC has the ones I can look up to. (Fancy way of saying I can't decide)

Slayer478: Uhhh.... I knew this day would come...... I think I'm going to have to go with Marvel. Purely for the fact of Deadpool
retrofire7: Marvel for me

InAmberClad: Marvel.

Jawbreaker Alumni: Don't make me choose! *runs to Arkham Asylum*

Out of the big 3 of the passed generation, 360, PS3, or Wii, which was your fave?


southsing: Wii, since I played that the most.
MegaSilverX1: Honestly I never cared that much for this generation, but if I had to pick one I guess I would choose the Wii since it's the only one of the three I've played. I'm more a of retro gamer when it comes to home consoles and a current gen gamer when it comes to portable consoles.
Branch: I have all 3 but I play on my 360 most
Two-Bit Specialist: Wii, because I'm a Nintendo fanboy until the day I die.
Jack Archer: 360, because games were quite cheap over here *yaaarrr*


retrofire7: PS3 because I am playing it the most.
LousyTactician: 360 because it is AMERICAN!
Mach5Mike: While I have enjoyed my PS3 that I got last year, the Wii has more of the games that I love (and the Nintendo fan in me won't let me say otherwise), so I say that the Wii is my favorite.

Your favorite game genre?


Chaos15: Platformer and RPG
southsing: platformer
WestCoastGamer92: Platformer
Branch: Fighting games, some RPGs, music rhythm games. but I do play most genres
KabalsUmbreon180: Fighting


Jack Archer: RPGs or Survival Horror.
Canadian Brony: Puzzle platformers
retrofire7: Fighting
Jawbreaker Alumni: Platformers
Mach5Mike: Platformers, that is all.

Favorite Pokemon?


pandaraph: Ursaring, or Herracross
E-GAG101: Swampert
southsing: Porygon2 (I love technology)
Two-Bit Specialist: @Mach5Mike - Scizor, which is my favorite.
WestCoastGamer92: Pikachu....yeah, yeah, sue me.


WestCoastGamer92: Pikachu....yeah, yeah, sue me.
Mach5Mike: Scyther, what's better than having blades for arms and the ability to fly?
MegaSilverX1: Blaziken.
JohnnyFarrar: Crobat, sucka.
BobboHead13: Dragonite! Hyper Beam ftw!
Branch: I can't choose just one I like all of them
Chaos15: Dunsparce hands down. And my all female team that include Lopunny, Absol, Glaceon, Rosleia, Jumpluff, and Zangoose.
retrofire7: Charizard because he is a fire dragon.
KabalsUmbreon180: Espeon and Umbreon are tied for my favorite.


Jack Archer: Abra -_-
Ferret75: Furret of course! Ditto would be second since he can turn into Furret!
Slayer478: Mewtwo... He's so bad..... (He may or may not love the power glove)

Which video game character are you most like? I am personally most like Skull Kid from Majora's Mask.

pandaraph: Charmy Bee mixed with Duke Nukem and a dash of Fuka from Persona 3
E-GAG101: I dunno, can anyone give me a video game character that is typically quiet but can be really outgoing when they get to know someone?
Two-Bit Specialist: Toad. I'm pretty useless and I just take up space.
Chaos15: Probably GLaDOS.


Slayer478: Sadly, I always think about Cloud from FFVII. Not in the badass sort of way (I can hope) but in more of the emotional way.... Wow that sounded terrible....
Jack Archer: Kurt Hectic from MDK or Joker-sama from Persona 2
southsing: Luigi, since I prefer to take a backseat to other people.
Mach5Mike: I'd have to say Tails, not only because I spend a lot of time messing around with various types of technology, but because I make it a priority to always there to help out the people who I care about. Unfortunately, I can't say I'm invincible like him :D
KabalsUmbreon180: Goro from Dark Cloud because we are both big gut wise and want to prove our strength and show that we don't need our fathers to stay standing.
retrofire7: Pheonix Wright because I make faces when I make mistakes, lucky, and have great friends that help support me.
Dammit, Jimmy. Oh well. Hope you hade fun participating and wating for my lazy ass to post this up. Besides "more stuff" on the horizon, what else do I have to say? Well, at the moment, not much. Wait it out, I think I do have something up my sleeve that could get mega-popular, but I think some of you know what it is already.
Thanks for attending "Uncle Alpha's Magical and Fantastic Journey Through the Marshmellow Village", it was fun, but you all started to annoy me with questions like "Where's the bathroom" and frankly, I am now sick of it. Good bye.
And don't forget the milk on the way out.
Alpha Unit


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