Ask the Experts: Dr. Robotnik’s Cybernetic Zoo of Fun and Animal Cruelty!

Posted on June 18, 2012 - 12:32pm by Dallinag


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Welcome to a little show that I like to call Ask the Experts. My name is Dallinag. And I don’t have a clever introduction to this episode. 

What does Dr. Robotnik need with an entire planet of robot animals?

He's going to turn it into a zoo. Every planet that has life has organic animals, people are bored to death by local zoos. So, Robotnik got this genius plan to create completely robotic zoo planet and make loads of cash. Genius. 

Why is it that when James Bond looks at his watch, the world just stops around him?

Because the world doesn't dare to move when he isn't looking. 

Why is he called Mr. Pants when he only wears underwear?

He was originally called Mr. Fully Clothed, until monkeys came and stole all his clothing, except his underwear. So, he changed his name to Mr. Pants and hoped that no one would notice that they're actually underpants. 

Why do Rattle and Roll's lengths increase when the eat Nibbley Pibbleys?

Because Nibbley Pibbleys are actually body pieces of dead members of Rattle and Roll's species. So when eating them, they're actually fusing themselves with the flesh of their own kind. 

Why did Pigma betray the original Star Fox team?

I think the better question is, why did they allow him to join in the first place? 

Wow, that was short. Come on, think of a topic to pad this thing. Um… did you… see the… movie…about the... guys… doing the…thing? I’ve got nothing. … Volunteer here

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