Batman Dead End : The Best Batman/Predator Movie Not Made By Hollywood

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Batman Dead End

"The Best Batman/Predator Movie Not Made By Hollywood"

By Jason Schwab


are you a fan of Batman? are you a fan of Alien? and are you a fan of Predator? well, today is your lucky day. 

made by Sandy Collora, Batman Dead End is an 8 minute fan made film that has gain a massive cult following. not only do we get one of the best looking Batman's ever seen, but we also get a one on one fight of Batman vs The Predator, and the fan favorite new hunter known as Big Red. 

there were also 3 to 4 new Predators that were introduced in Batman Dead End, specifically the Albino Predator. the  look of Batman is much closer to the Alex Ross comics while the film itself is inspired by the Batman vs Predator comic books. 

shown at Comic Con in 2003, it has since gain a huge cult following. in fact, the popularity of Batman Dead End is so high that the hunters seen in this fan film were made into action figures by Neca Toys. last year we got a 7 inch action figure of Big Red Predator, and this year in 2013 we will be getting a Comic Con Exclusive 7 Inch Albino Predator and a 1/4 Scale Big Red Predator. 

during the fight of Batman vs The Predator, we are introduced to a hand held Batarang he used for a one on one fight in the city alleys, during a cold rainy night. 

while re-watching this fan made film recently, it's amazing to see that this film is much closer to the comic books and made with far more care and devotion than any of the recent Hollywood films. what I mean is that it shows a big difference of quality when one man, a small team, and a small budget can create this amazing 8 minute short, when compared to one major Hollywood studio,a huge budget, and a film that runs for 2 hours or more or less. but maybe that's just me noticing the differences in my own way. I could be wrong about that statement....but then again, maybe not. (dun DUN DUN)

either way, Batman Dead End is a very well made fan film that should not be overlooked. if you are a fan of Batman, Alien, Predator, Comic Books, Sci-Fi films, & fan made films, then Batman Dead End is a match made in heaven. 

check out Batman Dead End at this link here :


check out The Making Of Batman Dead End at this link as well :

Batman - You're Pathetic!

Joker - Oh, that's rich...coming from someone who runs around in the dark, wearing a cape...and a mask!

Batman - We both wear masks.

Joker - Look at my face. This is who I am. My...'mask' is permanent. You have a choice.

Batman - You made your choice a long time ago, Joker.

Joker - NO! You did this to me! And you condemned to me to that asylum, like some bastard child that you refuse to take responsibility for! That's why you'll never kill me, bats! You made me...Daddy!

Batman - Criminal scum like you...made me!

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