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Battle Kid 2 has gone gold!

7/30/12 2:00pm

Topic says it all, but I finally have done it.  I really have.

Retrozone got the files and production will begin.  They quoted about 2-3 weeks from receipt, but I'll have a real date when I know it.

I know that I kept alluding to "soon", but I guess I underestimated things.  I don't like it, but I'm sure there are plenty of understanding and patient folk out there.

It's also hard, being the main person in this to actually say it's 100% finished.  They say one is one's own worst critic.  Always concerned about the very little things that would probably go unnoticed or uncared about by the rest.  But I've finally made that call as of this morning.

Thank you everybody and stay tuned.

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