"The Beast" takes on 50 Fighters in SFIV:AE Kumite Match

Posted on September 26, 2011 - 2:20pm by Andrej


Daigo Umehara took on 42 - supposed to be 50, but some didn't participate for several reasons -  challengers in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition and won 41:1. He lost against American player iPeru (playing as El Fuerte) but got his revenge in an exhibition match held after the Kumite matches were over. Scroll to the bottom for the stream.

It certainly is one busy time for gaming fans in Japan. Just when you thought things would settle down after TGS 2011 wrapped up last week, the annual Tougeki Tournament (also known as SBO) kicks off. And, as if that wasn't enough, legendary pro gamer Daigo Umehara held a Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 50 Person Kumite event (meaning he will fight 50 opponents in a row) at Taito Station in Shinjuku last Monday. Daigo is of course best known for his phenomenal victory against Justin Wong at EVO 2004, where he parried 15 hits in a row with one pixel of his life bar left and then proceeded to finish off his opponent with a combo of his own. So, how did he fare this time?

Daigo kicking ass.

I'm losing just looking at the guy.

The 42 players (cut from 50 due to time constraints; also, there were some players who declined to fight after witnessing Daigo's skill) who dared to challenge "The Beast" were a mixed bunch, ranging from beginners to members of the Top 50 of the BP Rankings, several who had achieved the title of Ultimate Master. There were also 3 American representatives ready to kick some ass: Hsien Chang (Yun), iPeru (El Fuerte) and Banana Ken (Ken). 801 Strider (Makoto) was originally also supposed to participate, but had to be replaced by special guest Kazunoko, reigning champion of this year's SBO. There were quite a few exciting moments during the 50 battles of the Kumite. Highlights include Daigo worming his way through his opponent's Sonic Boom defenses (in his fight against Momome playing as Guile) and his magnificent handling of Seth's flurry of Spinning Piledrivers and Shoryukens dished out by GYOA. Things were going well, until iPeru's El Fuerte decided to teach Daigo a lesson. This however would be the only defeat he'd had to suffer this evening: The Beast came out of the Kumite with an impressive score of 41:1.

The stats at the end.

I could do that but I don't want to. (No, I really couldn't.)

After the Kumite matches wrapped up, a few exhibition matches were held. As expected from such high-profile players, they were quite awesome. Daigo fought and won against Banana Ken (Ken), avoiding his Shoryukens by altering his own trajectory with Raigeku Shuus. He also managed to get his revenge on iPeru after a couple of pretty intense fights and beat Hsien Chang in a confusing match of Yun vs. Yun (which was definitely not helped by the crappy quality of the video stream). Afterwards he fought (and won) against Japanese player Nemo and waged an epic battle against special guest Kazunoko, which he also won by a hair.

Fun was had by all and Daigo once again demonstrated that he is certainly worthy of the nickname The Beast.

The complete event, courtesy of  Ustream.

All info and pictures courtesy of 4Gamer.

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