Bioware's Star Wars Plans

Posted on December 15, 2011 - 1:20pm by Jared

Bioware put a big post on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website talking about what they want to do in future for the MMO. There's a lot of by-the-numbers stuff, but there's some promising ideas too.

They give the standard promise of "new content", which means more solo missions (quests), flashpoints (dungeons), and operations (raids). It looks like they really want to make guilds something worthwhile, with guild banks and guild capital starships , which sounds awesome

The Legacy system will also get upgraded to give your character additional powers and effects, instead of just extra titles and last names. Player vs Player areas will be introduced and tweaked throughout the game, with specific mention of the planet of Ilum. Space combat, which is basically an "okay" on-rails shooter, is going to get new missions and be expanded upon "in a big way". I'm hoping for cooperative space missions, or having friends man the guns of my smuggler's freighter while I maneuver through Imperial command ships near an asteroid belt.

There's more to the list that you can check out here. You'll get the full thoughts of Star Wars in the upcoming official review.

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