BIT Parts Commentary: Episode 104 (Metal Gear Solid)

Posted on December 11, 2012 - 10:58am by BlueGoggles


Once I decided to develop the original Halo episode idea into a series, this Metal Gear concept was the first new episode that came to mind. I loved trying to freak the guards out when I played MGS. It was this fun cat and mouse game that I wanted to explore from the other perspective. 

Be sure to watch BIT Parts: Episode 104 (Metal Gear Solid) before reading. 

BIT Parts Commentary: Episode 104 (Metal Gear Solid)

While the Halo episode was first idea I had for BIT Parts, when I thought about making it into a series, this Metal Gear Solid idea came to mind pretty quickly. Metal Gear Solid blew my mind when it came out on the first Playstation. I don't think I had played anything like it before, but it was the type of game I always wanted. Stealth action with a hugely cinematic story, sign me up. What's funny is how now I will sometimes complain when a game has too many cinematics in it, but I loved that stuff in high school.

Playing a movie was new back then. Prior to that console generation, I would pretend games were movies and try to play them in character or like, try to make them as dramatic as I could. I would try to play them as if they were being recorded and I wanted it to be entertaining enough to rewatch. It was this whole process of playing the game perfectly, then letting myself nearly die only to have a dramatic come back and win. Stuff like that. 

Anyway, MGS blew my mind. When the idea of turning BIT Parts into a series about special agents that deal with strange gamer behavior, Metal Gear instantly popped into my head. I loved hiding in boxes and peering through the hole in the side. That simple little gaming mechanic provided me with hours upon hours of entertainment. I just loved messing with the guards. It cracked me up and it was something I really wanted to protray in BIT Parts. 

I'm a huge horror movie guy which is another inspiration for this episode. I wanted to talk to the lone survivor of Shado Moses. I mean, think of any video really. Games usually feature a lone character (you) rolling through an area murdering everyone in sight. You're a wrecking machine. But in MGS, you can do so quietly. I just loved the idea of this survivor guard just missing Snake all night long. Then rumors start spreading among the guards about people going missing. Then the cardboard box starts show up. If we did an inside the base reactment of the scene, I picture Sam Raimi style crash zooms on a stationary cardboard box while cutting to guards screaming like little girls. 

Maybe I'm alone in thinking about stuff like this, but it cracks me up and I was hoping other gamers would think it was funny too. At the very least, my brother-in-law and I had a blast filming all the security came footage. 

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