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Posted on June 11, 2012 - 7:07pm by Digmbot

So. Blogs. That is the topic of this blog. I know what you are thinking, "Digmbot has finally gone crazy". You would be wrong there. I was crazy before I got here.

I had also never blogged before. Never. As an example of how much I DON'T create content, the last post to my Facebook was over a year ago. My Twitter account was created in 2009. I average 0.33 Tweets per day. My Google+ account has 4 posts. Total. Getting the picture here?

When ScrewAttack rolled out all these new features and I started checking out other g1 content, I said to myself "maybe you should give that a try?". I proceeded to do just that.

In fact, my first blog was titled "What Do You Do With A Blog?" In a way, I am returning to this topic in today's blog. The very first response I got to that blog was from Woodyman. He told me to write about what I'm passionate about. That’s exactly what I did.

If you are a subscriber, you know that I love exploring Minecraft on the 360, and that I love to poke fun at how ridiculous our hobby can be sometimes. These are things I love. I can write about them with sincerity. It’s a certainty that someone reading this has things they are passionate about too. But, you may not have put that love out there for others to share. This is the point of this blog.

If you are that person, with that passion, but you aren't sharing it....why? Why not? Passion is what makes life, well... life. Sharing that passion can help you make connections, find new friends and get new perspectives on the things you are passionate about. It can help you discover other things you are passionate about. Get out there and do!

Don't be afraid because of this internet thing or technology. I choose to write because it's my strength. Other g1s make amazing art and videos. That might be their strength. You don't have to spend hours laboring and preplanning. My Minecraft blogs are never scripted. I just do stuff and write about it. And it works for that. Or you can get as complicated as you want. I'm sure the guys over at Sidetracked put in a ton of time to make the show. Don't forget, this is a community. A fabulous community! Don't be afraid to embrace it. I guarantee someone will love your work.

One last thought. Gaijin Goomba touched on this in a very well written article about subscribers. Don't try to just get subscribers to have a high number. I have 19. But I have those 19 because they like my content. That’s just fine by me. I don't want 500 subs that don't care about what I write. To my subscribers, let me just say, I appreciate the fact that you do enjoy what I write. I enjoy that you put up with my occasional bouts of insanity. And I love the fact that you interact with me, give me feedback, and even guest host my blogs when I need help. In my opinion, that’s how it should be.

The whole point of this long winded diatribe: Get out there and create. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Go forth and make ScrewAttack even more awesome. Seriously… Go.

Why are you still here?

Ok...you can stay if you want. I'm leaving.


Digmbot out.

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