Bootleg Mario games part one, Somari

Posted on August 9, 2012 - 8:00am by THEBERALE02

Back in the 1980's Japanese and Chinese companies thought they would cash in on Mario by creating bootleg games. I played several fine pieces of bootleg crap and wish to share my experiences.

1. Somari

I'm just speechless. I'll try my best in words to explain whatever the hell is going on above.

Somari Team thought it would be a good idea to combine Mario and Sonic, so they gave Mario the ability to roll into a ball and go fast. However, they never explain why an obese Italian plumber can go super-sonic speeds.

The game itself is a decent game and is very challenging, so if you thought Sonic was too hard you can try Somari. The only issues are the annoying music and reoccurring glitches.

Is it worth playing: Yes

2. Super Mario World (On SEGA Genesis)

In this unique Mario game, Mario instead of jumping on his enemies, he must pick up and throw boxes at them instead. If you jump on enemies, you lose a heart. The new mechanic makes the game interesting at the later levels.

The game itself is a very fun, but if the pirates were trying for a real Mario game, they failed drastically.

Is it worth playing: Yes

3. Mario Lottery

I have no idea what this game is about. I tried my best to understand what was going on, but it still confuses me. My best idea is that it’s a gambling game where you sit and do nothing while the game plays itself.

Also, why does Mario have an F on his hat and look stoned?

Is it Worth playing: No, unless you want to be confused and bored to death.

4.  Mario-Kun

A game that requires you to use your mind to solve puzzles. Most Puzzles involve moving blocks in a certain way to collect fish (don’t ask). In later levels enemies such as goombas and koopas are added to make the game more challenging.

Overall, a decent game for puzzle game fans.

Is it worth playing: Yes, if you like puzzle games.

5. Mario Kart fighter

This game was by far, the best and funniest of the 5 I played. It’s a fighter game that features all the Mario Kart characters. Hit detection and reaction speed is somewhat off, but overall the game is decent.

Is it worth playing: Yes

Overall, Pirating games is bad and games by pirates usually aren't up to par with the real games they pirated.

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