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Borderlands "Demake" is a Smash TV homage

8/24/12 8:00am

If you’re like me and can't wait to get your hands on the next installment of the Borderlands series then you’re in luck. Just recently an official free to play "demake" of Gearbox's upcoming Borderlands 2 just went up and you can play it right in your computer browser.

This version of the game stars two of Borderlands 2 main characters, Salvador the Gunzerker and Maya the Siren, along with a few new characters not featured in the original game.

Without a doubt this re-imagining stays true to the retro like feel and difficulty. While traveling through the wasteland you'll be sure to encounter classic Borderlands baddies that you can blast away using a variety of guns ranging from railguns, assault rifles, pistols and even flamethrowers, all in true Borderlands like fashion. Happy vault hunting!  

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