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Happy New Years, everyone. I hope all is well on this holiday of festivities. We all like to look back and see what we did over the years, and for me, I thought way back to the early days of gaming. That's when it hit me. Mario and Sonic still have to this day the most famous video game rivalry. Forums are still demanding answers and arguments with fanboys just extend to the darkest corners of the Internet. So why shouldn't the villains be looked at? Bowser is practically the classic video game villain, and meanwhile, Dr. Eggman is the Dr. Frankenstein of gaming. So to see which is better, I'm looking at backstory, motives, actions, and development through the years. Now this is all opienated. So if there's something you don't agree on, write it down in the comments. It's always fun to see how others compare the great gaming icons, but enough exposition. Let's get started.


First Impressions

Let's take a look at Bowser's first appearance in Super Mario Bros. It says in the instruction book that Bowser is a monster bent on ruling the land with Princess Toadstool by his side. So it's like a classic fairy tale, which is pretty cool. So you rush through the first world and you reach the first castle. You find Bowser, AND!!!......He's kinda easy. Ok, so the first boss is always easy in games, but this rule is kind of irrelevant in Super Mario Bros. All you do is run and jump for every obstacle. There's no special weapon, aside from the fire flower, that really helps you. In fact, the strategy is just to run as soon as you reach the bridge and there, you win! Sure, you saw him 7 more times, but his overall impact and screen time for up to 15 seconds max doesn't leave the player with much satisfaction or respect for the villain. Dr. Eggman on the other hand is a little bit different. In the Sonic Instruction booklet, it says that Dr. Robotnik has kidnapped your forest friends and forced them to work as literal batteries for his machines of death. That's actually kind of dark. It's unexpected and adds a unique twist to the game. In the game, you felt awesome. I don't think any gamer that has played the classic Sonic titles will never forget that first feeling of just running so fast, you practically outrun the screen. So in the final part of the first zone, you meet Dr. Robotnik. That classic intro music to the boss kicks in and you're suddenly being attacked by a giant wrecking ball. Beating Eggman took time and preparation. You couldn't just rush cause then you're open to get hit and might die. This let the player experience the challenge more and take a small but daring step forward into the game. You instantly felt a connection. "I want to beat this fat sucker because I'm not letting him beat me." As for Bowser: "Ok, jump. Oh I got hit, but little mini me made it to the end with no problem, soooo ok. Cool." See the difference? It's actually funny how Mario's easy paced adventure makes you beat the bosses faster while Sonic's fast addicting gameplay makes you take your time with Robotnik's personal machines. So in the end, Dr. Eggman made the better first impression.





Both of these villains pretty much have the same goal. TAKE OVER THE WORLDDDDDDD!! Bowser's motivation is to kidnap a princess to rule the land while he sometimes sends his own children to do the dirty work for him....what a sick fuc- While Eggman is bent on pretty much replacing the world with nothing but machines. Kind of sounds like Terminator...but with eggs. (You may now stone me for the use of that bad joke) So which is better? Well this is very hard to decide on. Bowser is the typical villain. He wants to rule the world while having a pretty damsel in distress be at his side. Common good vs evil confrontation. Eggman has the more interesting motivation though, since he pretty much wants to take over the world...while replacing it with his own personal design, but what makes the motivations clash are the actions these two take to get what they want. I'll be a nice guy and put a point for each.





You might be thinking: "All Bowser did was kidnap a girl." Yes, that is entirely true....and yet with every installment, there's something new in it. In Super Mario Bros. 3, Bowser resorted to taking to the sky to keep Peach with him. And just to stall and delay any chance of defeat, he gave his own kids power to turn the 7 lords of the Mushroom land or something into animals, forcing Mario to act and save them first. In Mario 64, Bowser apparently trapped all of the people in the castle into the castle walls and took the stars and seperated them into very dangerous worlds inside portraits. In Mario Sunshine, he made his child pollute an entire and innocent island to frame Mario so that he couldn't save Peach from....A volcano resort....ok, that was weak, but I love that game. At least on the Wii and 3ds, Bowser kept true to the original formula. But wait....seems like I'm forgetting something....oh yeah, there's also that time when he...ahem, kindapped the princess and took her to the center of the universe so that he could destroy everything and build his Koopa Empire with full freedom and he also scattered the stars of the universe again into very dangerous galaxies.....some that made a lot of gamers ragequit....I'm looking at you, Luigi's Purple Coin Challenge. In fact, he did that twice! But then we have to look at Eggman. He is a lot more simplistic, and by that I mean that in the classic titles, he resorted to his Death Star knock off to take over the world, but from then on, it's pretty much relying on Gods of Destruction, the God of Time, (Mandatory F*** You to Sonic 06) monsters, alien technology and a giant molten beast at the planet's core. Why would he do this?! To build a giant city that celebrates his ego. OF COURSE!! But seriously, can you really top the action of insterstellar invasion just to keep a girl away from a plumber? Yeah, didn't think so.




Over the Years

I think that both of these villains have had the same history through the years. At the start, they were big. They were menacing. They were downright evil. But as years passed by and in the later 2000 years, we see that both of these villains have sort of altered into more comedic characters. They were still the bad guys, but they don’t have the things that made us be afraid of them in the early years. So who do I give the final point to? I gotta say Eggman. Well Bowser hasn’t really innovated or improved his schemes ever since the Galaxy series. Sure even now I love the monster, but his character in general now hasn’t evolved in much shape or form. As for Eggman though, he’s always been improving. He always has a new plan for each new installment in the series. Sure, sometimes it’s not always the smartest direction but at least it’s new. That’s what makes Eggman so interesting because you don’t know what mad scientist plan he’s going to do next. In the end, I have to say that Dr. Eggman is the better Video Game Character.





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