Can Superman beat Super Saiyan God?

Posted on April 2, 2013 - 5:56pm by VajraMarkAsura100


Now Goku's Super Saiyan God. It was said to have fought the evil saiyans but failed due to limited timing. It had to be achieved by gathering six pure heart saiyans and one becomes the saiyan god (Goku). Goku used this form to resisted bills. He even managed to absorb bills supernova like attack but gets knocked out. Now if you ask me, when it comes to endurance, Goku's ssjg is shitty. Don't get me wrong it is strong no doubt but you all fans have forgotten endurance and how long can it last. His only abilities I know are to absorb any energy projection


Unless Super Saiyan god appears in a new series, Goku will still need to improve to beat Superman. 

Alot of people use New 52 superman or the new version of superman saying he is weak compared to Goku. Wrong, three feats he used are more than enough to solo the dbz verse alone. The feats I am going to show you are based on Endurance, Strength, Speed and striking force. 


This is one feat of New 52 Superman's feats.



Superman Bench pressed the Earth's Weight for Five Days Straight without any sunlight.

The Earth weights 5.972 sextillion metric tons. This is what 5.972 sextillion metric tons equal = 5,972,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Now that's alot for one kryptonian to do this alone! We humans do our normal excerise for 30 minutes and tired out. Superman exerises by bench pressing the Earth for five days straight without any sun supporting him. This proves that he can go and fight without the sun which is endurance. This also proves that his strength is still powerful even without the sun.




Here is a second feat which is based on Speed and Reaction.

Superman saves around 15 -20 people from a free fall in seconds.


Now a normal human can react to a minute or 50 seconds but superman saved around 15-20 people under less than a second. Now anyone can uses all of his flashy moves but this is hard to compare. I wished I was like him but he's different so xPPPPP this is based on speed and timing. There may have been other better speed feats but this is the only one I can find which is enough to fight off the other dbz characters. This feat proves not only How fast superman is but what is he capable of reacting to. If you don't believe me, try to find reaction speed on youtube or anything and see why.




And now The most famous feat of New 52 superman right now and this feat alone is way more than enough to solo dbz is this. 



In the H'el on Earth series Superman #17 fury at world's end, Superman came back to stop H'el and he punched him really hard that it shattered mountains and the force of this attack was felt from "the very center of the earth to the farthest edges of the atmosphere which basically means superman's punches Shook the planet! ._____. Now forget other worlds! This feat alone is way more than enough to solo dbz and it's puny characters and worlds. To shake 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 metric tons with just punches are almost impossible! H'el took some damage but did not get knocked out!! that's because h'el went to other stars as he traveled around a galaxy as he was being chased by other aliens before arriving at Earth. This feat proves that Superman can destroy worlds because he was only punching at h'el and did not released all of his limiters. This also proves that H'el has a really strong durability which finally proves that Superman has fought more powerful opponents. Again No sun supporting both of the kryptonians.


And If That's not enough for you. I have something else for you:



Superman pushing Warworld: 








This feat was in a Batman/Superman annual #1 New 52. Batman states that Superman pushed Warworld into the phantom zone, and IT also does show that he actually pushes it.




Conclusion - 


Now I have prove your point. Can Superman still beat Super Saiyan god? Yes he can. Even if Super Saiyan God improves, Superman has fought gods before like Darkseid and Orion. Again he fought them in normal state and no sun dipped. Experience and writing is the key to Superman winning against goku. No matter what happens to dbz, Superman is always Superman no matter what. Now Go home and ask your parents to get yourself out of the internet and do other stuff and enjoy your life outside the world and STOP ASKING FOR THIS BATTLE AND DON'T MAKE LAME EXCUSES!




Odd Debate and Results:


Superman Prime One Million vs Super Saiyan God Goku.

Normal Superman can take on Super Saiyan God, What is ssj god or bills compared to Superman Prime One Million? I have seen bills fight but compared to Superman Prime? guys, Prime would just snap his finger and send both Bills and Saiyan God to the age before the multiverse was born without them having powers. Alot say Prime is featless. Doesn't mean he is weak. Superman Prime's feats are very questionable but I recommend reading TheUltimateAvenger's blog:


Superman Prime's questionable godly feats have been demonstrated like creating the most powerful green lantern ring out of kryptonite, reviving lois, recreating krypton and it's deceased people, one shotting solaris with a single green lantern ring, Having to reshape or create his universe and having direct control over it and can save universes from collapsing.


This Debate and fight is over. Superman wins. We all move on to the next death battle. You can all cry and make up stuff. There may have errors but numbers don't lie and still comes close to the results. Quit Whining, go cry and have fun in your life cause they're not changing the results. Otherwise, All DC, Marvel, Asura's Wrath and Sailor moon vs The entire Dragon Ball Z universe.


Enjoy your life in real life everyone ^^



((Note: I am not permitted by screwattack))

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