Can you Play Sim City offline? YES YOU CAN!

Posted on March 15, 2013 - 1:26am by -Mazer

So, one of the major issues revolving around Sim City was the fact that this single-player city simulator is now requiring owners to be online 100 % even if it is to play by themselves. A large uproar has occured because the servers were not able the en masse of players who all wanted to sign on at the same time and even to this day, some people are reporting issues with either losing their cities (thanks to the lack of a dedicated save feature), or not being able ot connect during the busiest times of the day.


Well, a user by the name of UKAzzer has now posted videos of him not only playing the game offline, but also building past the pre-programmed sizes of the city themselves. By modding the game to make it remain in the Debug state, he is able to enjoy Sim City offline and server free!


Redditor UKAzzer posted the video above where he's messing around with the debug menu in "SimCity," allowing him to modify the size of his cities edit highways outside of the normal game boundaries, and generating a real population count.
His youtube page states that he explains what CAN and CANNOT be done with this edit. However, EA has already stepped up their game by deleting his thread. Luckily, he also kept a log of what exactly can be done.
It doesn't let you play DRM free - the city you want to play in still has to be loaded from the server. There is also no way of saving that city to hard-disk to load while still offline later. However, it does prove that EA's servers are [b]not[/b] processing the stuff in a city at all. Your PC can handle your entire city simulation without any help from the internet or EA's servers. Local saves will not be possible with simple editing, but may be possible with some serious work and ingenuity. Nobody has achieved this yet, and it may be some time away without help from Maxis/EA
Here is the link to his log answering most questions:
So, as you can see, the game doesn't really need to be online 100% as EA has tried to swing it. The online functions basically just provide minor updates and allows you to save your game. Ea and Maxis alike have yet to comment on this.
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