Capcom announces new Mega Man X RPG for iOS

Posted on August 16, 2012 - 12:00pm by Tjoeb123


Capcom is just proving to us that they don't give two shits about the franchise, or its fans, anymore.

Capcom may have announced stuff like Remember Me and the Resident Evil 6's online additions at Gamescom, but, unless I'm wrong, there was one announcement that may have slipped under the radar: a new Mega Man RPG, titled Mega Man Xover. (Maybe it's pronounced Crossover? X-over? But I digress.)

Capcom is no stranger to RPGs, with the Breath of Fire series, Mega Man X Command Mission, and more recently, Dragon's Dogma. They're certainly no strangers to ports, updates (ahem, Ultimate MvC3), and on-disc/data DLC (ahem, Street Fighter x Tekken), either. But this one is entirely original.

In the 25th anniversary iOS social RPG (you heard me correctly, folks - 25th anniversary... iOS... social RPG), franchise villains Dr. Wily and Sigma have locked away the Mega Man heroes (Classic, X, Zero, MM Z Zero, Volnutt, and .EXE) in a separate dimension. Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack (Mega Man 4) develop a new kind of robot to thwart Wily's evil plan. Players play as this new robot, and build up their very own Mega Man, while teaming up with players from around the world to destroy Wily (and Sigma?) once and for all.

Looking at the screenshots from the source link below, this greatly reminds me of the terrible iOS port of Mega Man X. That port was completely butchered by DLC, slow movement, and the areas being split off in parts. Oh, and the fact that it looks like a Flash game, too. If this is how Xover will be, then it's a pretty bad way of celebrating Mega Man's 25th anniversary. You're doing it RIGHT with Street Fighter's, so why butcher Mega Man's? If we can get games like Infinity Blade on iOS, why can't we get a GOOD Mega Man game? Or better yet, why can't we get ports of the best Mega Man games? Like X4, X5, X8, or Command Mission?

I think I'll be keeping my Crapcom pitchfork out until they give us a good Mega Man game. Like X9. Oh, and there's a video I posted that spells out exactly what Capcom has seriously screwed up, so go check that out!

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