Capcom didn't announce a new fighting game, only confirmed one we knew about

Posted on August 6, 2012 - 6:00pm by


Capcom will be announcing a new arcade title at the Japanese fighting game tournament, Super Battle Opera. Many believe the game could be Street Fighter V or Darkstalkers V.

Editor's Note: Capcom ended up not announcing a new game, instead confirming the JoJo's Bizarre adventure is being developed. While this rumor turned out to be a bust, this doesn't mean we can't discuss what fighter Capcom should make next. I vote Capcom Vs. SNK 3, but know that probably won't happen.

In the listings of the Japanese fighting game tournament, Super Battle Opera, it seems Capcom has been listed as the host of an announcement panel to be held during the event. The announcement is supposedly a new arcade fighting title, which is very interesting....

Way back in 08' Capcom released Street Fighter IV in arcades for a limited time. Many fans are speculating the mystery game could be Street Fighter V, Darkstalkers V, Capcom Vs. SNK 3, or even an all new Capcom franchise fighter. 

What do think about this? What game would you like to see be announced?

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