Capcom discusses Rockman Xover's gameplay features with Famitsu

Posted on October 13, 2012 - 8:20am by Ryan Conway

Ah yes, Rockman Xover. The big 25th Anniversary iOS title for the Mega Man franchise that will bring all of the established Mega Men from each individual series together, hasn’t exactly made the best impression with fans of the Blue Bomber, well Blue Bombers in this case. 

From its Mega Man X iOS influenced “HD”, to its limited controls (IE automatically scrolling to the right of the screen), to its Skip and Auto Play options, this upcoming Mega Man outing has been leaving a sour taste in the mouths of fans ever since it was announced. Not to mention a weak TGS trailer didn’t do Capcom any favors either. 
Knowing that drawing fans into Xover will be an uphill battle, Capcom presented the folks over at Famitsu some fresh new details about this “epic” crossover, which have been translated by Rockman Corner’s Protodude
Here’s the full list of these new details:
  • Kalinka Cossack (daughter of Dr. Cossack) will act as the game’s navigator, offering the player helpful hints and operating the game’s item shop. An interesting thing to note is that she is now 14 instead of 9, so if this game is indeed canon, it would take place 5 years after Mega Man 4. So Rock meets Volnutt, X, and all the rest in the year 20XXV?
  • You will be able to choose the order in which you complete each mission. Which should have been pretty obvious when you think about it.
  • If you choose to use the Auto Play option, you will not be able to collect the items and upgrades that are in each level.
  • The game will implement a Battle Memory Card System, reminiscent of the Battle Chip System of the Battle Network series. Each chip will grant OVER-1 (this game’s Mega Man) a special ability that can either unleash a special neutral or elemental attack (fire, ice/water, wood, electric), or give him an HP or defense stat boost and in true Mega Man fashion, certain enemies will be weak against certain attacks. However, OVER-1 only has a limited amount of storage space, so he can only hold so many cards at a time.
  • There will be a total of five additional armor options for OVER-1, which can be unlocked by collecting different parts throughout the game. These suits of armor will each grant OVER-1 some unique abilities, as well as increase his storage space. The only two suits to be revealed were the OVER-2 and OVER-3 options. OVER-2 grants you 6 extra slots for Battle Memory and a boost in attack power. OVER-3’s details weren’t discussed but given his rather large shield, I think it’s safe to say that this armor will boost your Reploid’s defense a smidge. 
  • Special “Map Parts” can also be found within in the game and once a particular map is completed, players will be given the option to challenge a Master Boss, which is like a standard boss fight except you can win better Memory Cards and items with each victory… and the difficulty is amped up. Oh and you can also summon your friends to lend a hand as well and share your bounty. But the winnings are divided based on the performance of each character, so it’s not guaranteed to be an even split. 
  • Team Battle Mode allows players to team up and take on a unique set of bosses, with the goal being to take out the boss before it can escape. This can be played competitively as well, with teams of two competing to see who can defeat the boss first.     
  • The release date is currently unknown but given the fact that Famitsu will be giving away exclusive Memory Cards (which work in-game) with a December 17 expiry date, it’s safe to say Rockman Xover will launch in Japan before December 17. Barring some unforeseeable delay of course.    
Sigh. I like these gameplay options, I really do and I think they’d be worthy addition to any entry in the franchise but I can’t help but feel they are being wasted in this game. Rockman Xover still looks like an overall weak package and the restrictive mobility options are just awful for a Mega Man game. 
Maybe I’m wrong. I know I certainly want to be. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to be the case.
A gallery of screenshots featured in the original Famitsu article can be seen below:

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