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Capcom working with die-hard fans to create a live-action Street Fighter series

7/14/12 12:20pm

We’ve got some surprising Street Fighter news coming out of the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Panel at Comic Com. No, it’s not Street Fighter V  but it’s definitely something you wouldn’t have seen coming.

The talented fans behind the now legendary short-film Street Fighter: Legacy  have announced that they are teaming up with Capcom to produce a live-action Street Fighter series.  

Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist  will serve as a prequel to the games and will revolve around Ryu and Ken, as they learn the art of the 'Ansatsuken' (Assassin's Fist) under the tutelage of their master, Gouken, while also uncovering the dark past of how the fighting style was created.

The cast has yet to be named and whether the series will wind up on TV or the Internet (my money is on the Internet) is still unknown, but we do know it will air sometime in 2013 and Akuma will be the main antagonist.

In case you need a reminder of how awesome the original short was, here it is:

Psst.  If you thought that was cool, you should also check out Eddie Lebron's: Chun-Li Vs Cammy here on ScrewAttack.

What do you think g1s? Do you think Capcom can finally pull off a solid live-action Street Fighter  adaptation? Personally, I think this team definitely has the creative drive to make it happen, whether or not they'll be given the proper time or budget remains to be seen.  But I choose to remain hopeful.

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