CB's big Halloween plans REVEALED........ One month early.

Posted on September 1, 2012 - 5:38pm by Canadian Brony


 In case you're wondering why I'm revealing this stuff so early, it's because this thing will take prep time. This is a big idea I have here and I need it ready by the time October rolls around.

 Good eeeeeeevining boys and girls! I love Halloween. Do you? Of course you do. Free candy, spooky decorations, staying up late and more! It is during this holiday season that I want to do something major. But I'll need your help to do it! Below is the big idea that I have decided on taking into consideration:

The Ultimate g1 Horror Story

What we need:

- Writers. The more, the better.

- Good imaginations.

Aaaaaaaand that's about it. What this is, is getting a bunch of g1s together to write a giant, original horror story. But what about the characters, plot, setting and so forth? For characters, I'm leaving that up to you guys. Suggest your characters in the comments and I will put them up to be voted on appearing in the story. (These can be characters from video games, movies, books or whatever else you can think of.)

Now, with an idea this broad, you're probably thinking that this will never work. But I'm certain that once I write an introduction, everything will fall into place. What will the setting and plot be? As the story progresses, the plot will take twists and turns depending on what the writer wants to happen, and settings will need to be explained by the writer, where ever they decide to place the characters. The story might turn out compleatly different from what you expected, but remember. There will be other writers. 

This idea is personally one I would really like to do. If you want to help write, I will give you a spot on the list so you can have an idea about what spot of the story you will be writing for. (Beginning, middle or end.) You can write your passage in the PM I will send you. This sotry will be compleatly made by you guys. There are no rules about what you want to include in your part of the story..... well, okay there's some stuff you obviously can't put in but I think you all know what's okay and what's not.

What will the final product look like? I have no clue. Nobody will until it's released. I'm sure many of you did something like this in school where you'd start your own story and then you'd pass it to someone else, who'd add onto the story.Think we can do it? I think we can. Are you in or are you out?


Get those creative juices flowing!

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