CB's Top 15 Favorite Movies (#15-11)

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Read the damn bolg. You might learn something important.

This is something I've wanted to do for a long time.

I understand that a meager a top 15 is nothing compared to g1 Flashpenny's top 70, but its all I could come up with, so take it for what Its worth. 

Movies are something everyone can enjoy. The make you laugh, cry, scream or stand up and say "I paid $13 to see this shit!?" Nevertheless, movies are an art meduim that have become a part of our society as much as sliced bread is. Over the course of a 3-part series, I will be counting down my top 15 favorite movies, with five movies per entry. I know I've stated what #1 is in the past, so if you already know what #1 is, please don't spoil it for others. Now, without further ado, these are CB's Top 15 Favorite Movies (#15-11)

#15. John Carpenter's The Thing

Story: A group of scientists in Antarctica come across a stray snow dog and decide to take the little fella in. Things turn sour when the dog turns out to be a disgusting alien creature that kills and takes on the forms of the scientists 1 by 1.

One thing that makes this film so great are the special effects. It isn't done with CGI, so the stuff you're seeing is real and looks pretty damn impressive. People turn inside out, blood gushes from eye sockets and mouths and people turn into disfigured space demons in a bloddy mess! The setting also give the movie great atmoshpere. In the secluded land of Antarctica, nobody else is around to help you, so you need to rely on each other for survival. But these scientists can't because one or even several of them could be The Thing! So it has that "who dun it?" kind of feel to it. The acting is great. Kurt Russel plays the main scientist and he delivers a good performance. The rest of the cast does a good job too. Plus, you can't really go wrong with a John Carpenter movie. There was a prequel to this movie that came out in 2011 under the same name and to its credit, its also a good movie. I'd say check both versions out!

#14. Ice Age

Story: Manny the mammoth, Sid the sloth and Diego the smilodon must take care of a human child they found and return him to his father, all while avoiding other hungry smilodons.

After watching that trailer, you probably think this movie is really corny and "out of date". Truth is though, its a very memorable film with good characters a funny jokes! Its nice to see a good animated film that isn't made by Pixar or Dreamworks. Ray Romano does a great job at bringing the grumpy mammoth, Manny, to life. Later in the film, we learn why he's so bitter in a rather sad scene involving a flashback to his family. John Leguizamo as Sid and Denis Leary as Diego are  a great comedic duo, seeing as how Sid is very obnoxious which Diego hates. Its a solid animated film with great characters, jokes and story. Certainly worth your time if you haven't seen it already.

As for this film's sequels... the first sequel is alright and worth your time, the second sequel is not and I didn't even see the third sequel since I heard it was awful.

#13. Aliens

Story: A special military force decends onto a planet to wipe out a race of reptilian space monsters. Things get out of hand and they have to fight for their lives. They also find a stranded little girl.

Oh James Cameron. We can always count on you to make better sequels. I liked the first Alien movie, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't sloooooow. Aliens, however, is much less slow and more action packed, all while having good characters and writing! The sets are also pretty amazing and give the movie a dark atmosphere. This time around, there's more than one Alien (duh) and they wreck havoc on this crew. The ending has one of the greatest climaxs ever in my opinion, with the queen Alien. Ridley Scott, I liked your first movie, but James Cameron take the cake in this franchise. 

#12. Monsters Inc.
Story: In a world od monsters, two best friends work in a factory harvesting kid's screams for their world's power supply. Panic occurs when one child escapes into the monster world at the hands of our heros. They must get her back to the human world without anyone else knowing because children are believed to be toxic.
C'mon guys. Its a PIxar movie! With the exception of, like, three films, all their stuff is great! Monsters Inc. was actually the first movie I ever saw in thaters, so I have a special connection with it in a way. John Goodman and Billy Crystal as Sully and Mike are some of Pizers many memorable characters. The villian, while not that developed, is fun to watch because of just how evil he is for no reason other than being envious of Sully's scaring skills. There is another villian, but I wont spoil who in case some people still haven't seen this movie. The world of monsters is colourful and fun to look at. Some peope may have their problems with this movie, sometimes with the writing, but I just love it too much to keep it off this list. Also, I cannot WAIT for this movie's prequel this year!
#11. The Dark Knight
Story: Batman is back with a mission to stop the evil Joker from causing havoc in Gotham City, all whe protecting the new mayor canidate, Harvey Dent. 
Some people liked The Dark Knight better, other people like The Dark Knight Rises better. Personally, I liked The Dark Knight better. Part of the reason is because of Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker. This guy is one scary motherfucker. He blows up buildings, murders innocent people and burns stacks of money to the ground. Pure evil. Christian Bale is also great as Batman/Bruce Wayne, even with his goofy voice. The film also works up to one of the most gut-wrenching climaxs I've ever watched. (no spoilers) Chist Nolan did a perfect job at telling a Batman story, better than Tim Burton did. The writing, sets and for the most part, acting, are all wonderful in this movie. It certainly earned its Best Picture award.
Well, I guess that does it for part one. Stay tuned for part 2 where I count down #10-6! 

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