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Celebrate the Blue Bomber's Birthday with Some Cool Wallpapers!

10/20/12 8:40pm

Editor's Note: This artwork is definitely a worthy celebration of Mega Man's 25th Anniversary.  The Blue Bomber would be proud!

So, Mega Man's birthday has come up and Capcom... well, Capcom could have done better. I think a lot of fans could agree on that. Luckily, there are some fans that are willing to step up and try to celebrate the right was. I've recently joined a project to create various wallpapers inspired by all of the Mega Man franchises in a minimalistic, vector stye. They're all pretty awesome, and I reccomend you check them out. You can see them as they're finished on the deviantArt accounts of me and the people involved, linked here:




Alternatively, you can find them all in one easy place (linked as the source). Check out some sample images right here:


And there's more where that came from. So if you like those, go ahead, check these out, and give them a download.

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