Celebrate Spidey's 50th Anniversary by ending The Amazing Spider-Man at issue 700

Posted on September 24, 2012 - 9:00am by Kaibaman41

Spidey has had his ups and downs in both comics and other media. He's had good and bad games, good and bad movies and of course, good and bad Comics*cough* One More Day*cough*. Despite a new good Spidey movie replacing Spidey 3 and of course ScrewAttack's Amazing  DEATHBATTLE of Spider-Man and Batman Marvel has decided to end The Amazing Spider-Man at issue 700 in December.

This being a huge kick to the nuts to not just Spidey fans, but also to the character since this is Spidey's 50th Anniversary. Marvel has announced if Spidey is going to be Rebooted into Marvel Now!, but the 700th Issue will have 5 variant covers, four of which will have 104 Pages.

The Final variant Covers will be

  1. The Wraparound Cover
  2. The Oliver Coipel Cover
  3. The ....Joe Quesada Cover...(DAMN YOU QUESADA FOR ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!)
  4. And a 50th Anniversary variant...(how subtle)

What are your thoughts on Marvel possibly ending Spider-Man without being rebooted into Marvel Now!?

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