The CEO of Epic Games implies the console market has one major generation left

Posted on March 15, 2012 - 9:00am by King Meatball I

The current CEO of Epic Games and creator of the first Unreal Engine, Tim Sweeney, hints or implies the dominance of console market in the industry has around 6-8 years or at least 1 more major generation of consoles left. Afterwards he implied the mobile market will be able to match and surpass the capabilities of consoles and become the new dominate market in the industry.

"The big difference between a console and a tablet is the console can consume 100 or 200 watts of power, while the tablet consumes one or two or three or four watts. That's really the limiting factor of performance there... To me, that really defines the role of consoles in the world. They define the highest and most impressive graphics experience anywhere in the industry. They focus on delivering teraflops of computing performance in a way that a portable device or an economical computer really couldn't, despite sheer focus on that one aspect."

He feels the future of the industry might be following Apple's way once the mobile market claims dominance. This would mean a lot quicker advancements and "generations" replacing the slower life cycles of consoles.

"Apple is by far the leading phone provider in terms of profits or any other objective measure of how well they are doing. A company in that position could just rest on their laurels and keep making more and more profit from each new phone. Apple doesn't take that approach. Rather, they push the technology forward as fast, or faster than possible to go from lower resolution displays."

He also feels web browsers in devices will become a new standard in gaming and touted how even the Unreal Engine 3 was able to be modified to work on current web browsers.

Epic Games in previous reports hinted unless the next generation of consoles placed as their top priority "bleeding edge" technology, the company might be providing a lot more support towards mobile devices.

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