Challenge: Final Fantasy 13 Data Log Entry Day 1

Posted on December 9, 2012 - 8:09pm by Kaibaman41

In the past a bunch of us hated the FF13 series, and hell one of the g1s revisited it and wrote a blog of his replay of the first game made him like the game unlike his first time playing(I forgot the g1 name) so I recently bought used my own copy of Final Fantasy 13 at my newly opened GameStop in town and began to playthrew it! However each day (due to not having my Dazzle in a recording state) I will be doing every day I play a Data Entry of my progress right here on ScrewAttack!


Achievements: December 8th 2012

Instrument of Fate

Instrument of Dissent

Instrument of Tragedy


I will say going threw the first two chapters, the pacing of the game is a little bad. We get introduced to Lightning's sister(who is the main character in the sequel) get in a killed like state becoming a crystal and gaining Eternal Life, sure we see a flash back of when Snow proposed to Serah after the fact but it would have been nice to see build up on Serah's character first before tragedy strikes. I do like the characters except for two, my favorite characters so far seem to be Snow and Sazh. My hated characters is Vanille and Hope, I really don't hate Vanille but her voice is so FUCKING ANNOYING! while Hope is a looser!. He blames Snow for the death of his Mother when in fact he tried to save her and he knows Damn well he did tried to save her...hell even Snow yelled in anger for failing to save a life!


I actually kinda like the combat a little, though the Paradim(I know I misspelt it but fans know what it is)is weird. Its like the Level Up system in FF 10 but instead of just clicking on a ability to obtain like in well most FF have to hold the A or X Buttons(depending your system) to obtain the skill which is odd as hell..a tiny nitpick but still weird.


Anyway this is my first Data Log entry for FF13  I hope you all like this concept I'm doing,  but this concludes day one of my Final Fantasy 13 1 Data Entry.

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