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Challenger Approaching! - A Mysterious Mercenary

5/24/14 12:47pm

In a bid to prove that they have in fact gotten the art of HYPE down to an exact science Nintendo's Smash Bros Twitter posted this simple link:

They are coming to... Nintendo! http://www.onefinalsmash.com
The site has only three things on it now: the Smash logo, a link to the E3 home page, and a countdown, that will end at 2:07 pm Central Standard Time on June 11, but that's just my calculations. 
Now then g1's, as my great-grandfather used to say, "Time to start throwing ideas at the wall, and let's see what ends up sticking!" Who's a Mercenary that hasn't come to Nintendo in, at least, a long while.
Wait? They?!

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