Characters that make Chuck Norris Crap His Pants: You Decide

Posted on January 23, 2012 - 5:56pm by Samuraispartan7000


Before you troll the comments section about how Chuck Norris never craps his pants or that I was killed when Chuck Norris sensed my lack of faith, allow me to explain.

 Greetings g1's. For those of you who have not noticed, cared, or even knew, I have not produced a single post in nearly a month. I have been out of the game for a while but I plan on making a return. Starting with this...


An unspeakable idea...One that is said could result in the end of the world. An idea that would make the apocalyptic 2012 a reality... An idea whose very concept could break open a hole in the universe that would vacuum everything out of existence!!! An...OK, OK, I will just get on with it already.


Characters that make CHUCK NORRIS CRAP HIS PANTS!!!


I am pretty sure all of you have at least one character and or real person in mind that, could at least equal Chuck Norris. I have already compiled a list myself but I would like to hear your thoughts. Give me as many characters as you want but please explain why you think they make Chuck Norris crap his pants. Some "facts" about them would be cool too. I will cater to popular vote but in the end, the overall representation will rest on my shoulders.


Let me just settle this issue before it becomes a real problem. I have wisely decided not to include Jesus, God, or any religious deity in this upcoming post. I do not want offend any g1s and the act of putting them on this article is a needless one. 


 With that said, I have not yet decided whether or not I should organize this list in the order in which the suggestions are most popular or not. I have also been unable to decide whether or not I should separate my ideas from yours. You can give your opinion on this, but either way it is not a huge deal. I promise I will give due credit to where it is due. 


So tell me guys. Who do you think would make Chuck Norris Crap his Pants?


REMEMBER! The fate of whether or not this proposed post will be a success or failure rests on YOU! I will post my ideas no matter what, BUT I REALLY WANT YOUR IDEAS!!! COMMENT AND EXPLAIN YOUR SUGGESTIONS!!! Before I conclude, I would like to give a personal thanks to g1 Flapperdoodle for inspiring me to do this article after our little debate on his Top Ten Street Fighter Characters. SO PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!! I NEED A LOT OF INPUT FOR THIS!!!  (Showcase Please!?) Anything less than fifty comments from fifty g1s WILL NOT CUT IT!!! So again, spread the word, and if you are reading this, COMMENT!!! I think I gotten my point across rather well, so on that note, I would like to say thank you for your time and input and I hope I will see you later.



PS. If you like to keep up with me, check out my Dashboard because I plan on making another 
compilation of the most requested Deathbattles along with the Top Ten Dragons in Gaming. Thanks again and Stay Screwy!



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