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Check out my custom Mass Effect shoes!

7/3/12 1:00pm

So here are some Mass Effect shoes that I made. I bought the shoes themselves at Wal-Mart for like $10 I think. I'm probably going to go buy another pair and make them with an Alliance theme or a Reaper theme. I haven't decided yet. Maybe I'll just remake the first ones and stitch the stars in.

The first pair I took pictures before I finished them, (that's the black pair N7 one's, they looked a lot better when they were done you'll just have to trust me) and unfortunately I took them work to show them off and oil spilled all over them. Sucks but that's why I made the second pair. They were a lot cleaner, I filled in the black (I had to go buy more black ink because I ran out) I also had the Alliance Logo and the back end all cleaned up. They were a first drafts anyway.

The second pair I made a month ago, I like the Renegade/Paragon design but I just couldn't think of what else to do with them because I didn't like them just white, so what you see is what I decided to go with: the N7 on the front and the black around the stitch.

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