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My thoughts on this new Clay Fighter game. Well... I am too excited to see this game. I mean I have been a fan since 1993. When Clay Fighter hit the seen on the SNES. I like how it was not like most fighter games. It was fun, silly, and had great fighters. I mean come on Bad Mr. Frosty. That is just too good. Plus they were in clay animation. Now with the new one. Its nice to see all the fighters from the games past have come back. Even the bosses from the games you can pick and play as. The story seems to tell it from the first game threw to what the new game is about. I like that cause there might be some G1 noobs that never ever heard of Clay Fighter. There missing out. They also parody Mortal Kombat's fatalities with silly sequences called Claytalities. Just like they did in Caly Fighter 63 1/3. I hope there even better then before. Another thing they parody is the Killer Instinct combo system. Just like they did in Clay Fighter 63 1/3. I like that they kept this. It really made it more fun and kool to see what I could pull off. Mold It mode sounds interesting and I look forward to see what people make. I mean how many fighter games let you make a stage and your own level fatality. Well all in all its a new Clay Fighters game. Its meant to be fun, entertaining, a little silly, and a fighter game anyone can enjoy. To all the fans of the series and you know who you are. Its about time. We got another one. So let me know what you think of the new Clay Fighter game. ✌ ⓄⓊⓉ NERD LYFI



Legend goes... A meteor made entirely out of clay crash-lands on the grounds of a humble American circus. The goo from the interstellar object contaminates all of the circus' employees, transforming them into bizarre caricatures of their former selves, with new superpowers. Around the town of Mudville, where the clay meteor crashed. Learning of the spectacle that took place in "Clayland", the evil Dr. Generic Kiln flies in on his aircraft containing the residue he collected from the meteor and spreads it to the rest of Mudville in order to create more fighters. He declares himself grandmaster of Mudville after the fall of N. Boss in "Clayland". He holds a tournament to see who can become next grandmaster of Mudville. After being indirectly responsible for the chaos in Mudville, his latest scheme is to transform the entire world into clay, which he can then mold into whatever he wishes. After accidentally dipping his hand into the giant clay meteor, Dr. Kiln was forced to amputate his hand, which he replaced with a piece of clay. This new hand can transform into a propeller, a machine gun, a chainsaw, jumper cables, a scalpel, and other dangerous weapons. Meanwhile, his lost hand grew, gained sentience, and became High Five. With his opaque eyeglasses, hunched back and thick Germanic accent, Dr. Kiln is very much the consummate mad scientist. Now with Dr. Kiln stopped. A new thing has happen. A third meteor made out of clay was spotted outside of Mudville. Out of the crash. Was a mysterious creature. With one thing in mind. To clay the world and mold it to his image and rule with a iron fist. He was not all bad. He told the world. The next town he goes to. He will hold a tournament to fine the grandmaster of this world. Well it so happen it was the town of Mudville and in that town when he does. He will challenge the grandmaster. If he or she wins. He will grant the winner one wish and leave this world alone but if he or she does not best him. Then on with the plans of his. So forth as this will be called, "CLAYMAGEDDON"


Bad Mr. Frosty,     Blob,     Blue Suede Goo,     Bonker,     Helga,     Ickybod Clay,     Taffy,     Tiny,     Nana Man,     Octohead,     Googoo,     Hoppy,     Kangoo,     Kung Pow,     Houngan,     T-Hoppy,     Sumo Santa,     Dr. Kilnklein a.k.a. Dr. Kiln,     Lady Liberty,     High Five,     Lockjaw Pooch,     Zappa Yow Yow Boyz,      N. Boss


Lucy the Gorilla,     Stickly the Stick Boy,     Sarge Green: Plastic Army Men Division,     Hobo Cop


Earthworm Jim (Earthworm Jim series),     Boogerman (Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure series)


Wii - Raving Rabbid (Rayman Raving Rabbids series)      Xbox 360 - Worm (Worms series)     PS3 - Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet series)


More clay animation then ever before in a Clay Fighter game or fighter ever. You want Clay Fighter. We will give it to you. Can you handle it.

Date - T.B.A.

DLC - T.B.A.

Story Mode - Every clay has a story and a wish. Can you become the next grandmaster of Mudville and save the world.

Arcade Mode

Shape-shift - Training mode.

Rivals - Every fighter has a rival. If you get them in a fight. Watch the goo throwing clay beating fun happen.

Claytalities - Similar to Mortal Kombat's Fatalities. We call them Claytalities. Each fighter gets three signature Claytalities of there very own and one level Claytality for each stage.

Combo System - Similar to Killer Instinct, although we make fun of the combo names. For example, "Itty Bitty Combo", or "Triple Brown Betty Combo". You can even hit as high as a 234 hit combo, which is known as "Insane Combo".

Tag Team Mode - You can now play 2-on-2. Just like other fighters you have seen.

Extra Gooies - Fun little extras to unlock.

Mold It Mode - Make your own stage. With your very own level Claytality in it. Then show and play your friends and or online community on it.

Online Mode - Clay bashing fun. Now online.

Tournament Mode - Set it up and see who can become next champion of your tournament.

We're back... We're clay... We're ready for more... So there is only one thing to say, “LET'S GET READY TO CCRRUUMMBBLLEE!"

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