The Community Countdowns (Feb 12-18)

Posted on February 18, 2012 - 7:40pm by Ryan Conway

 Welcome g1s to another edition of The Community Countdowns! This week, I'm counting down my Top 10 favorite g1 videos of the week and my Top 15 favorite g1 blogs of the week. Let's get started. 

 In this week's Top 10 g1 videos, Metaking reviews Resident Evil: Revelations. Nicobbq counts down his Top 10 Mario Party 5 Mini-Games. Paradise and Fairies takes a look at a handheld Metal Slug title. Tom the Iron Man presents even more footage from MagFest 09. Hard4Games takes a breif look at a few more N64 Disc Drive games. The Game Sack duo look at some Japanese exclusives. The Heavy Metal Gamer does something  special for Valentines Day. Digressing and Side-Questions takes an interesting  look at Smash Bros. JoetheShadowMan hosts this week's g1 Digital Forecast. Gaijin Gamer explores Japanese culture through the Mario series and The Gaming Historian remebers an under-rated classic.

Yes. I realize I just listed 11 but rather than admiting to a mistake, I'm just going to say that Metaking and Nicobbq tied for 10th. OK? Good. :)   

Here's the Top 10 g1 videos of the week!:

Metaking's Resident Evil: Revelations VIDEO Review: I FINALLY MADE A VLOG.
Top 10 Mario Party 5 Minigames: What are the best minigames?
NGPC FOREVER!!! Metal Slug Second Mission: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to love this game.
Tom the Iron present the Brentalfloss and Johnson Speaks panels from MagFest 09. 
Nintendo 64DD Review - Randnet Disk + Mario Artist Communication Disk Overview: We CONTINUE our Quest to Review ALL Nintendo 64DD Games! CAPITALIZATION!
GameSack - Left in Japan: This time we take a look at games that never got released outside of Japan in their day.
Heavy Metal Gamer Valentine's Day Special: It's Valentines Day, how about some love from the Heavy Metal Gamer...
Digressing and Sidequesting: Randomness and Competitive Play: In this episode we Busterwolf, Shoryuken, and Final Smash our way to victory! "ARE YOU OKAY!?"
g1 Digital Forecast: Play-by-Play Commentary: Some complained that his performance was a bit too short...g1 Joeshadowman makes it up with the longest g1 Digital Forecast yet! ...for better or worse.
Gaijin Gamer episode 2: Exploring Japan's culture through video games: Can the most basic video games teach about Japan's complex history, language, and culture? Let's find out!
The Gaming Historian - Little Samson: The story behind one of the NES's greatest hidden gems.

 In this week's Top 15 g1 blogs, Shelby needs your help with a very special project. OptimisticWallHD talks about the positive impact that gaming  has had on his life. SireAzmodan explores the old and newer entries in the Castlevania franchise. Fishman counts down the Top 10 Most Annoying Things in Video Games and helps Noble-Team 1 count down his Top 10 N64 games. Dark Magician makes his case for why the 3D Mortal Kombat games are better than the 2D ones.  -Mazer is arrested for having bad taste. Woodyman counts down his Top 10 Favorite Horses in Video Games. The Guardian takes a look back at his favorite couples list and interviews himself. Game Judge talks about the effects of nostalgia. Alpha Unit interviews some more g1s and presents the results of his latest survey. REVULSIVE gives us a tutorial on how to create Stuttering Craig in Saints Row: The Third and Chad gives us an update on all of the staff and g1 pledges from last week's 24 hour marathon. 

But first, here's an Honorible Mention:

No Love for the Laser: An attempt is made to finally defend the most hated weapon in the Contra franchise.

And now the Top 15 g1 blogs of the week!:

Intern stories: Being an intern is pretty hard work, but I thinking about doing something fun.
How gaming saved my life: Hey guys, this topic is really important to me and I believe what makes a persons writing interesting is when they put themselves into the subject. This subject is chalk full of me.
Castlevania Through the Looking Glass: The first blog of what will probably become a series, I discuss the Castlevania franchise's biggest games, and what made them failures or successful.
Fishman's Top 10 most annoying things in Videogames: I haven't done a long nonsensical rant in a while so here is me ranting and raving about the things in video games that make me want to pull my hair out, kick puppies and stab baby pandas....
Top 10 N64 games (a collaborative blog with g1 Fishman): The Best Games of the N64 (SO GET IN OR GET OUT!!!)
DM-I Liked 3D Mortal Kombat Fighting Games: Mortal Kombat is not about death... but life. Yeah after MK Trilogy, there is life for the Mortal Kombat series in 3D! No-no not that 3D, 3D environments!
Mazer Has Been Arrested - Or - Does Mazer Have Bad Taste?: Mazer has been arrested for having bad taste and its up to the community to support him! Should he be jailed forever, or released...or worse? This is Part 1 of a blog mini-series!
Top 10 Horses in Video Games: Woodyman counts down the Top 10 Horses in Video Games.
Top 7 (+3) Relationships I Support: Redux: I might be a bit on the late side, but hey, at least it's Valentine's somewhere still. My favorite relationships in gaming, here now for you. Enjoy!
The Guardian Interviews: The Guardian: Yup, pretty much the title says everything. It's Me talking to Myself about I. So if you ever want to know something about me, it's probably here. If not, you can probably ask it.
Age Is A Number With An Impact: I'M BACK BABY! With a blog about how time is relative to our views on mediums.
g1 Interviews: Blast Processing: SSSEEEEEGAAAAAAA!
Oldest g1 Survey results - part 1: Hey guys, find out how long g1s have been around on ScrewAttack!... (Part 1)
Stuttering Craig is now in Saint's Row: The Third: REVULSIVE puts Stuttering Craig into Saint's Row: The Third!
[Updated] 24 Hour Marathon Charity Challenge!: The staff and g1s are stepping up for charity!

Oh and since I forgot to mention it in The Saturday Strips, g1 chaos15 is starting a brand new webcomic series featuring the HQ crew as ponies. Tee hee!

Keep up the good work g1s!

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