The Community Countdowns (July 16-22)

Posted on July 22, 2012 - 7:30pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Community Countdowns, where I count down my favorite g1 produced videos and g1 written blogs from this pask week!

In the Top 20 g1 Videos of the Week, Tom the Iron Man falls through the floor. The Game Sack duo play some arcade exclusives. Amy  is reviewed on the lastest episode of Unboxed. ParadiseandFaries takes a look back at Street of Rage 3. Mr. Lange is sorry. Shelby is scared crazy during her livestream. Mr. Mittens wants Kingdom Hearts 3. RoccoW performs an awesome chip tune cover of Chai Kingdom. The GameOver Nation crew presents The First of Us. 2 Girls take on Soul Blade. I Beat Nintendo suffers through the Hell that is Double Dragon II's platforming sections. Hard4Games answers your questions. FarmHouse presents the tracks they composed for Metal Gear Ben. The Gamer from Mars talks about the Rise and Fall of Sega. Terra_Corrupt talks about his favorite 3D platformers. Taco-Man plays Bart Vs The Space Mutants. Gaijin Goomba concludes his Top 10 Japanese Games list. James Roland performs a kick ass FFVI cover. The Rageaholic reviews Commando and GaaraTheDancingPanda is the guest host of the Season 1 Finale of SIDETRACKED!

  Super Mario World: Falling through floors: Sometimes the game just wants to screw with you 
  Left in the Arcade: Some games just never get a chance to come home. 
  Amy: There are good games, there are bad games and then there is Amy. 
  Sega Fanboy: Streets of Rage 3: The streets are less angry, but also a hell of a lot tougher! 
  I'm Sorry: I'm really sorry.
  Highlights: Death Breakdown: When shit hits the fan, I start talking in lisps. 
  Mr Mittens the Cat Puppet - Kingdom Farts: Not even a Keyblade can save Mr Mittens from the HEART wrenching wait for Kingdom Hearts 3! 
RoccoW - RoccoW Visits Chai Kingdom: A cover, remix or whatever of Super Mario Land's "Chai Kingdom". Sometimes you just gotta get some melodies out of your head :)
Comic Commentary - "The First of Us": Get a behind the scenes look at how comics like GameOverNation's come together! In this case Jak 4 is but a dream...But at least you can hear the crew freak out about Joss Whedon and Gabe's Fanboyism!
2 girls,1 game: Soul Blade: This week we play Soul Blade!
Double Dragon II - Platforming From HELL!: This game wasn't hard because of the bosses, it was hard because of the awkward jumps.
Hard4Games FAQ #4 - More Questions, More Answers!: We got so many questions, we had to divide our FAQ into 2 parts. Enjoy! Oh and sorry for the ridiculous responses.
Music from and Inspired by "Metal Gear Ben"
The Rise and Fall of Sega: Sega was once the most powerful company in gaming, but what made them fall so quickly? The Gamer from Mars will find out.
Prime Example - 3D Platformer: Terra discusses 3 prime examples of 3D Platforming games
Taco-Man Plays Bart VS The Space Mutants (Genesis): Don't have a taco, man!
Gaijin Goomba's Top 10 Games of Japan p.2: Yup! It's finally done!
Epic Game Music - FF VI Terra // Celes Theme: I made this one after 255 battles with the cursed shield!
Rageaholic Movie Review: COMMANDO: A review of a film so manly, you will lactate testosterone.
SIDETRACKED Episode 11 - "Battles, Bombs, and WHABAMS!" 7/19/12 (SEASON FINALE): The latest DEATH BATTLE, a new Deadpool game, and who we think you should sub too. Grab a seat and chow down some popcorn, cause you are about to get SIDETRACKED!

In the Top 25 g1 Blogs of the Week, SharkJack are argues that games are pieces of "good art." Starlorb3 makes some interesting points about the maturity of video games as a medium. Lilbluelink wonders if modern gaming has made him soft. Foxdark22 counts down the Top 10 Games to Play at College. SacrificedAbomination weighs the pros and cons of the possible Final Fantasy Versus XIII cancellation. McGunn wants to develop a game for the OUYA. DarkHyrulelord writes is his own version of Reboot or Retro. JustAKoop hosts the Indie Shack and as I provide a link to his page so you can read all of his Reviews With Only a 100 Words. SpartanSamurai wants to know which games define you. Takahashi2212 creates some cool Minecraft art. Game Judge talks about the clashing of realism and surrealism. 2200 wants your help in counting down the Top 10 16-bit RPGs. destructorv2 creates another epic masterpiece. Bigjoe91 thinks games are getting a little too familiar. The Windwaker counts down the Top 5 Songs to Workout to. SierraFoxtrot counts down the Top 10 Comic Book Heroes and scouts Mario Party 6. Woodyman counts down the Top 10 Games he has Negelected. Alpha Unit pitches some ideas for the next Smash Bros. and  pits east against west. The Death Battle Fan Blog returned. Elmo3000 counts down  the Top 10 Video Game Songs that didn't make ScrewAttack's list and Ferret75 reminisces about dogs who have accompanied him in horror games and gives Majora's Mask some achievements!  

  Games as 'good' art: Games are art, I'm not even going to debate that. Instead let's take a look at games being good art. The examples I've chosen may surprise you.
  The maturity of the gaming community: (Sorry for the lack of thumbnail due to laziness) How grown-up IS the gaming media and community? Have we grown stronger than ever, or just stayed the same kiddish people we have always been, or... 
  Has Modern Gaming Made Me Soft?: A little something I thought about after beating Contra with my bro. 
  Top Ten Games to Play at College: The one and only Foxdark22 brings a new blog about the goodness that is college and not studying because you are too busy playing videogames. Take a look right here!!! 
  Final Fantasy Versus XIII... So much potential that could be wasted or is it?: Why was Versus XIII hyped up when it potentially won't be released. 
  McGunn is building a development team for a new Ouya exclusive game: Calling all G1's. G1 McGunn, best known for the Unofficial ScrewAttack Game is building a development team to make a new original game for the Ouya console. G1's with talent are first on the priority list. 
  Reboot or Retro - Donkey Kong Country: As a request for a much-needed ScrewAttack show to return, I have decided to pit together two golden bananas of video games. 
Reviews With only 100 Words
Indie Shack - Dance, Space, and Wizards: This week on the Indie Shack, JustAKoopa discusses rhythmic role-playing games, space shooter adventures, and retro breakouts. Come inside and enlighten yourself about these three indie titles.
A Challenge From the Samurai: Find YOUR Game: The idea is simple. Just find the game that most perfectly symbolizes YOU.
Minecraft Sprite Artwork: Pac-Man the Viewtiful Echdina rides Yoshi's Metal Scorpion: Takahasi2212 had a little too much free time on his hands, and came up with these Minecraft masterpieces.
The Limits Of Travelling By Unicorn - When Realism Seeps Into Fantasy: A talk about reality, fiction, cartoons and nuking the fridge.
g1 Community List: Top 10 16-Bit RPGs!! [Contributors Needed!]: It is time for our fifth installment of the g1 Community Lists! Next month we'll be counting down the top 10 16-Bit RPGs! Click here to find out how to be a apart of it...
Chad and Jared's Nightmare: I just started thinking of drawing again when i saw Chad and Jared going through hell with that Teletubbies game.
  Gamebreaker - Familiarity: A picture is worth a thousand words, but a memory is worth a thousand pictures.
  Top Five Video Game Songs to Listen to while Working Out: Need some motivation when you're getting your Little Mac on? These five tracks will push you to go the extra mile and show Doc Louis who's boss. Or, get in shape.
  The Top Ten Comic Book Heroes: The only list that will ever be right, a countdown of the best superheroes ever to grace a comic book page.
  Mario Party 6 Scouting Report: Do you know absolutely nothing about Mario Party 6? Don't worry, this will fill you in. 
Top 10 Games I Neglected: Woodyman counts down his Top 10 video games that he's neglected.
What We Need in the Next Super Smash Bros: Can one of the best become better?
  East Vs. West: A Battle: Shit got real, dawg. 
DEATH BATTLE! Fan Spotlight: Dante vs. Bayonetta: What do you think about M. Bison vs Ganondorf? Chrono vs Zero? Those matchups and more of the latest and greatest g1 blogs, letters, dream fights and fan art for DEATH BATTLE! inside!
Non-ScrewAttack Top 10 Video Game Themes: The best tunes ScrewAttack didn't put on their list.
Dogs in survival horror - A man's best friend: An old saying states that the dog is a man's best friend. It holds true for a few survival horror games as well. This post will explore two of those powerful relationships between player and animal.
Majora's Mask - A detailed list of achievements: What if Majora's Mask was re-released on Xbox Live Arcade with fifty achievements? This achievement list includes referential titles, selected descriptions, and guides for the individual unlock processes.

Oh and I should also give major props to Dylan Toomey for his successful SGC fundraiser

Until next week, keep up the good work g1s.  

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