The Community Countdowns (July 9-15)

Posted on July 15, 2012 - 6:40pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Community Countdowns, where I countdown my favorite g1 made blogs and videos that have graced ScrewAttack over the past week.

In this week's Top 15 g1 videos, Pennyman counts down the Top 10 Skylanders Birthday Cakes. Wozniak warns musicians of the dangers of SiNG.  JRokujuushi chills things down with his new track Ice Cavern. Sivak releases a new Battle Kid 2 trailer. I Beat Nintendo tortures Bubsy the Bobcat. Gaijin Goomba rants about Super Guides, while his brothren GoombaXx hosts the g1 Digital Forecast. James Roland and Chris Amaterasu perform an awesome cover of the Duck Tales Moon Theme. The Acheivement Whore counts down the Top 10 Most Underrated Video Game Songs. Dexterboy124 presents the third episode of Zelda: After the Ocarina. Hard4Games takes a look at the super rare Star Fox 2 beta! Apop99 recaps the first three days of the Iron Man of ScrewAttack: Japan Edition and creates a ScrewAttack Ice Cream ad. The SIDETRACKED crew gets nostalgic and AsaiNeroTran debuts his new sitcom.

  Best Skylanders Birthday Cakes?: Best Skylanders Birthday Cakes?
  Wozniak News - How SiNG can ruin your life: Let's go BEHIND THE NOISE to see how SiNG will ruin a band's career. 
J64 Original - Ice Cavern: Kind of icy and caverny.
  Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment - Official trailer: The newest NES series, Battle Kid, is coming back for more and this is the official trailer! 
  Bubsy's cat drowning torture chamber of fun!: Mike played a little Bubsy, and apparently the designers saw fit to stick this little tank in it. All that's missing is a sign that says "Come in, it's fun in here!" 
  Sort of Podcasty: Super Guides Rant: Yep... I'm at it again... 
  The Super Duper g1 Digital Forecast!: Hey Pyzonos! It's The Super Duper g1 Digital Forecast with g1 Goomba Xx! 
  Epic Game Music - Ducktales The Moon Feat. Chris Amaterasu: BANG! ZOOM! Straight to the.... next episode of Epic Game Music! 
  The Achievement Whore : Episode 13 - Top Ten Most Underrated Video Game Songs: Chase is taking a break from Achievement Whoring to talk about some of his Favorite Video Game Songs that for some odd reason don't get a whole lot of spotlight
   Zelda: After the Ocarina Episode 3
Star Fox 2 (SNES) Beta - IE: Pure Unfiltered Childhood: Hard4Games reviews the unreleased Star Fox 2 for the Super Nintendo! Realizing it is pure, unfiltered childhood, we rate it in scoops of Superman ice cream. Enjoy the majesty of Nintendo's lost gem!

Iron Man of Screwattack Day One Highlights: Catch up on all the action in 5 minutes!

Iron Man of ScrewAttack Day Two Highlights: Find out what happend on Day Two of IMOSA! 

Iron Man of Screwattack Day Three Highlights: "This competition is about to get a whole lot more lonely"

  ScrewAttack's Blue Bell Ice Cream Commercial: Sit down, take a break from life and enjoy a scoop of BlueBell Ice cream with ScrewAttack 
SIDETRACKED Episode 10 - "Nostalgia Overload" 7/12/12: Things in video games we love to hate, Super Smash Bros. 4, and our fondest gaming memories. Grab a seat and chow down some popcorn, cause you are about to get SIDETRACKED!
Bits and Pieces: Episode 1 - Pilot ("Party Up"): Episode 1 for Asai Nero Tran's episodic web sitcom!

In this week's Top 15 g1 blogs, Terra_Corrupt needs your help. MineAttack is welcomed back. Flapperdoodle talks about his favorite platforming robots. SoulCrash presents more cosplay pictures. Shelby teaches us how to make Yoshi babies! Atsinganoi wants you to confess like the dirty sinner you are. Kirbonic-Acid presents some cool Iron Man of ScrewAttack: Japan Edition banners. The Spoon Man X presents some of the best sigs from the ScrewAttack forums. Digmbot and his panel of experts answer more of gaming's important questions. Dark Magician doesn't like re-releases. The Stickman and friends count down the best of 2012 (thus far), while spoiling those very things. Caboose-1 tells a tale of rock music and Zangief. Canadian Brony counts down the Top 10 Scariest Things from Non-Horror Games and the g1 community talks Street Fighter and counts down the Top 15 Fighting Game Franchises ever!

Want to get credited in an upcoming game? Listen to Terra....: Well here's your chance (if you're good at Photoshop).
MineAttack is finally back!: We're back! About damn time...
Flapperdoodle's Gaming Blog Ep. 95: THE PERFECT PLATFORMER! Ep. 9: Robots: The Perfect Platformer rips a page out of the book of The Best Ever and discusses one of the most interesting and versatile areas of a video game, characters who are robots.
SoulCrash Ron goes to Anime Midwest 2012: How did this small second year anime con in the Chicagoland area sized up from its out of no where appearance from last year..??
Yoshi babies in the office: There's a competition for Japan today and I'm showing my support. With food!
  Sinners Wanted - Video Game Confessional: I need to know what are the worst things you've ever done as a gamer for a collab blog.
  Iron Man of ScrewAttack: Japan Edition Profile Banners: Show your support for the competitor you want to see win Iron Man of ScrewAttack and go to Japan with these profile banners!
  ScrewAttack's g1 Sig Maker Community (Fourth Episode): It returns! The awesomeness from the past few weeks from our Sig Maker Community! 

Ask the Experts: The Lost Answers!: Hidden in a deep, dark Microsoft Word file lies a somewhat ancient manuscript never before seen by man (or at least the general public.) But now, it has been unearthed...

Ask the Experts: Assassin Weasel: Yeah, I've got no adequate way to explain that title either. 

Marvel vs Capcom Origins. Screw Re-releases.: I bounce right off the handle and speak frankly. Read at your discretion.
  SPOILERS!? #1 : Best of 2012 (So far).: The Stickman, MadHero15, JETZ.acx, Flapperdoodle and Guru Guru discuss their favourite Movies and Games of 2012 so far. 
Caboose Went to Video Games Rock 2: 8-Bitchin': Music, merchandise, and...Zangeif? Find out what happens when gamers rock out!
  Top 10 scariest things in non-horror games: Something doesn't have to be in a horror game to be scary, so what's the scariest thing outside of the Resident Evils and Silent Hills of the world? 
  g1 Community's Top 15 Fighting Franchises!: With so many fighting series out there, which one is the best of the best? The g1 Community countdown their Top 15 Fighting Franchises... 
g1 Interviews: Street Fighter Edición: The things I'd do to Chun-Li's body! Ruff, ruff!

Until next week, keep up the good work g1s! 

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