The Community Countdowns (June 18-24)

Posted on June 24, 2012 - 7:00pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Community Countdowns, where I countdown my favorite g1 created blogs and videos that have graced ScrewAttack this past week!

Oh and the picture server is still giving me some grief, so the tables won’t be making a return this week either. Sorry.

Anyway, let’s get on with the show, shall we?

In this week’s Top 15 videos, Cave Story is reviewed on the 50th episode of Unboxed, which I was supposed to featured last week but didn’t because I removed it from the list by accident (d’oh!). Knightwing reviews Lego Batman 2. Motakay traps Frank Zappa inside an NES. The Gamer From Mars talks about some of gaming’s most infamous kill screens. We learn about Link’s sex life on the latest episode of After the Ocarina. Crash Team Racing is reviewed on the latest We Got This. Johnny Case takes on The Simpsons Arcade Game on The Achievement Whore. James Roland performs a cover of my all time favorite Dr. Wily’s Castle theme. Speaking of Dr. Wily, we learn his true motivation for world domination thanks to Mr. Lange. Shelby plays some Left 4 Dead on her livestream. Flapperdoodle, Kailoli, and Whitly discuss some important topics on the latest episode of SIDETRACKED. Gaijin Goomba counts down some of his favorite games that are unique to Japan. Andre the Black Nerd invites you to a Power Rangers Dance Party. McGunn presents the latest preview of his ScrewAttack fan game and Jamiethecomic interviews Gabe Newell in a well-directed documentary.

  1. Unboxed Cave Story
  2. Knightwing’s Lego Batman 2 Review
  3. Zappa inside the NES
  4. The Kill Screen Glitch
  5. After the Ocarina: Sex Life
  6. We Got This: Crash Team Racing
  7. Achievement Whore: The Simpsons Arcade Game
  8. Epic Game Music: Mega Man 3: Wily’s Castle 2
  9. Dr. Wily’s Motivation
  10. Shelby’s Livestream: Left 4 Dead
  12. Game Exchange: Top 10 Games Unique to Japan Part.1
  13. Power Rangers Dance Party
  14. McGunn’s ScrewAttack Fan Game Preview
  15. Behind the Controller 

In this week’s Top 21 blogs, things get cheeky in the latest My Little ScrewAttack. Jesia presents some cool Pokemon and Mass Effect fan art. Sun-Wukong expects some great things from Waluigi. Lauren and her kitten army try to take over the world in Jawbreaker Alumni’s ScrewAttack fan fiction. Jet.acx counts down his Top 10 favorite controllers, as bigjoe91 writes a Top 10 about nothing. Metaking64x shows off some of MineAttack’s best artwork. SireAzmodan and Spenster3D get some things off their chests. Alpha Unit talks about some vintage NES clones and teams up with Brettman for another round of g1 Interviews. Caboose_-1 teaches us about the fine sport of shin kicking. Digmbot reveals the dark secret of the “House of Mouse.” Lousy Tactician reviews some Metroidvania games in the latest Indie Shack. Cyrax recaps the top news stories of the week in the latest Reset Button. 2200 is looking for g1 volunteers to help him with his Top 10 Fighting Game Franchises list. Dark Magician asks if water levels should be loved or hated. Beyondthestars talks about the rise of causal games. I Beat Nintendo looks at the downside of video game immortality. MissRPGGenius writes about her experience at the Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert series and Agent Kane tells us why Lords of Shadow saved the Castlevania franchise.

  1. My Little ScrewAttack #13
  2. Jesia’s Drawings
  3. What I Expect From Waluigi
  4. Lauren Moore: Queen of Cats (part 1 and 2)
  5. Top 10 Controllers
  6. Top 10 Nothing
  7. MineAttack Art
  8. Cut the Crap
  9. PlayStation Smash Bros. and Xbox Glue
  10. Attack of the NES Clones
  11. g1 Interviews: Star Wars X Lord of The Rings
  12. Shin Kicking
  13. Ask the Experts: Conquest Disney
  14. Indie Shack: Metroidvania
  15. Reset Button
  16. Volunteers Needed for Top 10 Fighting Game Franchises List
  17. Water Levels: Love ‘em or Hate ‘em
  18. Significance of Casual Games
  19. Immortality Isn’t So Great After All
  20. Final Fantasy Concert Series
  21. How Lords of Shadow Saved Castlevania

Until next week, keep up the good work g1s!

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