The Community Countdowns (Nov 20-26)

Posted on November 26, 2011 - 6:30pm by Ryan Conway

Welcome g1s to another edition of The Coummunity Countdowns, where I countdown my top 5 favorite g1 videos and my top 5 favorite g1 blogs from this past week.

For your viewing pleasure,  SentryIII continues his Id Software retrospective with an indepth look at Doom. Sonic the Human celebrates Thanksgiving....awkwardly. Kenshiro3  offers up another one of his 8-bit remixes. Ryan Stout (a man I have been mistaken for on more than one occassion. Two) counts down his top 10 Bemani songs and Hybrid Rain gives us a glimpse at the making of The Creed (complete with a Stuttering Craig cameo and Mike "The Birdman" Dodd narration).

But first, here's a couple of Honorable Mentions:

  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 & Battlefield 3: Dave loves his FPS games but Joe isn't quite sold on the genre yet. Will Joe find a way to wedge some retro games into this episode?
  NGPC FOREVER!!! Metal Slug First Mission: Metal Slug goes mobile, but is going guns a blazing, or is the bang more of a whimper? 

And now, the Top 5 g1 videos of the Week! 

  In-depth Review of Doom: This is no ordinary review of Doom, we talk about *everything*. Doom is arguably the most influential game in the history of video games. Forget Halo and Call of Duty for a moment, and see what...
  A Sonic the Human Thanksgiving: Sonic the Human and his family celebrate a very heartwarming Thanksgiving! 
  Double 8bit Remix: Muse - Uprising: The worst part about censorship is [CONTENT REMOVED] 
Happy 20, November!! The 10 BEST BEMANI SONGS!!: Happy 20, November
g1LunchPunch - Making of The Creed an Assassin's Creed fan series: Behind the Scenes: -The Creed- an Assassin's Creed Fan Series. Join Hybrid Rain and his crew recapping one of the most ambitious projects done in Hybrid's Career.

And thanks to a Thanksgiving miracle (or perhaps a huge influx of quality writting) you can curl up with not five but ten pieces of g1 writing this week! Joeshadowman counts down what he feels to be the top 5 most underrated games of this console generation. KamanriderAnt reviews Monster, while Madhog thy Master reviews Azumanga Daioh. The Woodyman counts down his top 11 favorite Native American characters in gaming. Ben jamin counts down his top 10 final boss themes. Whitly reviews the incredibly girl looking anime, Princess Tutu (but perhaps appearences are decieving). The Stickman reviews Skyward Sword. Air Force One asks if old school franchises should change for modern audiences. Drake concludes his huge Top Robot Masters theme list and The Guardian gives us a very personal glimpse into his thoughts on the New ScrewAttack. While I don't agree with everything  Guardian says, he does make some valid points and I definately think this is something that every one on the site should check out. 

But first, here's a couple of Honorable Mentions:

Why Black Friday Can Suck It.: I list my reasons for why Black Friday won't take an ounce of cash from me.
Top 10 most anticipated things of 2012.: The Stickman counts down to his most anticipated thing of 2012...THE END OF CIVILISATION AS WE KNOW IT! AHHHH!

And now the Top 10 g1 Blogs of the Week!

  Joeshadowman's Top Five Most Underrated Games of the Currant Era.: Oh I'm putting my flame-shields up for this one. 
KamenRiderAnt Reviews: Monster: Join KamenRiderAnt on his triumphant return as he reviews a story about decisions, consequences and what we do about them. Oh and let us not forget murder, eugenics and Nazis!
  Anime Review: "Azumanga Daioh": "Motivational Posters - The Animation!"
  Top 11 Native Americans in Gaming: In honor of Thanksgiving, here are the Top 11 Native Americans in Gaming. 
  Top 10 Final Boss Themes: My favorite Final Boss battle themes. 
  Whitly's Thoughts On Princess Tutu-Dumb Girl's Show, Or Clever Fantasy Story?: Arguably the weirdest thing I've ever discussed during my time on ScrewAttack, but it was worth every second!
  The Stickman Reviews : Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.: The Stickman gives his SPOILER FREE verdict on the Wii game people have been waiting for all year long...
To Advance or Not to Advance: The Big Question for Franchises: The recent release of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has sparked a new debate in how old franchises advance as time goes on. What is the best way to do this? Whos done it well? Who failed hard?...
Drake's Den - The Ultimate Robot Master Theme List: After much voting and calculations, Drake has compiled the ultimate list of the Robot Master themes.
The G1 of Many Faces: Not really sure how to tease this. My honest feelings about ScrewAttack? Yeah, that works pretty well.

 Keep up the good work g1s!

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