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Posted on January 25, 2012 - 6:00pm by Alpha Unit

Video games are now considered an art form that rival entertainment mediums such as movies and music. And even if it's quite young compared to those two, its history is just as rich. Games are quite expansive in terms of scope compared to films and sometimes novels, so they are sometimes more likely to hold secrets behind their pixels. So sit back, relax, and test your nerdiness.

 1. The Pac-Man Ghosts have different strategies.

You all know that each of the four ghosts in Pac-Man have their own names and personalities, but did you know they all have their own patterns for chasing Pac-Man? Blinky prefers to chase Pac-Man head on, Pinky's main method is ambushing Pac-Man or trapping him with a fellow ghost, Inky avoids our yellow hero, and Clyde goes in random patterns. Keep it in mind.

2. Mario = Popeye?

The original Donkey Kong game was originally sketched as a Popeye game, but because Nintendo couldn't negotiate the license for the character, an original game was produced in its place. Bluto became Donkey Kong, Popeye to Jumpman (later Mario), and Olive Oyl to Pauline. Nintendo later got the rights to produce a Popeye game due to DK's success.

3. Unproduced Sonic Cartoon?

In December 1993, screenshots of an upcoming Sonic Cartoon appeared in Sonic magazine in the UK. This cartoon seems to have been canceled, but it's extremely similar to Sonic SatAM, which was released in 1994.

4. Team Fortress: Pyro a Female?

There is currently much heated debate whether or not the pyro from Team Fortress is female. The Pyro's locker contains a purse and Valve and many other sources have referred to the Pyro as both he and she. Despite that, the Heavy has reffered to the Pyro as a great friend and called Pyro a "He" and the Pyro can wear an item called the "Whiskered Gentleman". So, what do you guys think the Pyro is?

5. Halo originally on Macintosh

Bungie, the creators of the Halo series, intended Halo to be released on the Macintosh line of computers. When Microsoft was launching the original Xbox, they bought or made deals with developers to strengthen their launch line-up. One of those developers was Bungie, who now released the series almost exclusively for Xbox. It's rumored that this move angered Steve Jobs.

6. Street Fighter III almost had a completely fresh cast.

Street Fighter III, deemed by fans as the most experimental entry in the franchise, almost started off with a clean slate. No character from Street Fighter I and II or the Street Fighter Alpha series was expected to return, but because this would anger fans, the producers asked to add Ryu and Ken to the character list. (With Chun-Li and Akuma added later) To date, this is the only game in the series where anyone else besides Ryu is the main character (Alex).

7.  Microsoft Mascot?

Microsoft originally intended Blinx the Time Sweeper to be their mascot for their Xbox family of game consoles. But because the game only had moderate sales and a decent reception, they dropped the idea, and the series never made it past the second game.

8. Unreleased Gameboy successor?

After the Game Boy Advance, a successor codenamed "Iris" was supposed to be released. Originally, Nintendo wanted a concurrent home console line, a Gameboy line, and a DS line all at the same time, but because the Gameboy Micro faltered and the Nintendo DS was a success, the Iris was not released. Wario Ware DIY (Released for the DS) is the only game known to have been scheduled for the Iris.

9. Sony's first Handheld.

Despite what you may think, the PSP is not Sony's first handheld game system. The honor goes to the Pocket Station (released only in Japan) which acts similar to the Poke Walker or the Dreamcast VMU. It featured a monochrome LCD display, a speaker, a real-time clock and infrared communication capability. It could also be used as a standard PlayStation memory card by connecting it to a PlayStation memory card slot.

10. Creepers = Pigs?

You know the creepers from Minecraft? Well, they were actually based on a failed pig model Notch created early in development. Oink.


There you go 10 useless fun facts. You may have known some, but did you know all? I bet not. Thanks for reading, and expect more from me. I know this was quite short, but it was merely something to tide you over for my next big things. Once again, thank you g1s. Have a nice day.

I should've made this 20 facts but I was too lazy,

Alpha Unit.

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