[Community Showcase] - e-Sports: The Growing Industry

Posted on September 26, 2011 - 11:00am by SentryIII

" What began as locally run Arcade competitions has now grown into a multimillion dollar industry with the presence of fortune 500 sponsors and million dollar prize funds. The fact of the matter is, that something that started as a hobby for most, has become a career, which to many it may seem sad, but professional players play video games as if it was a job as most of their day goes to training for tournaments." 

A lot of kids have dreamed about growing up and playing video games all day. People have said that you can't get anywhere in life by playing video games. Now that e-sports has become a reality, that's not really true anymore. You can be very successful in life, doing what you love, as a professional gamer.

I first heard of e-sports back in 2002 when I read about the Starcraft: Brood War scene in Korea; people were being paid to play this game on National TV. I thought it was cool, but I originally brushed it off as a "Korean" thing. Fast forward to 2008 when I watched the "Razer TSL", a non-Korean SC:BW tournament with English commentary! I was blown away. By then, I realized how awesome e-sports really were. The English commentary even helped me understand why the community for that decade-old game was still full of life. The gameplay was balanced, the storyline came from the players themselves, but most importantly; people could live off of it.

With the economy slowly coming out a a recession, game companies are releasing more dumbed-down casual games; yet, e-sports continues to grow. Even though it's dominant on the PC, tournaments are being held for a handful of console games, one of which is "Evo" (Evolution Championship Series), a North American fighting game league. It's one of the few markets in the world that's actually growing, and that says a lot about it's potential. If LeBron James can impress a crowd with his skills, so can  Jung Jong Hyun (IMMvp), and we've seen that at MLG Anaheim.

Despite all this, a lot of people still considered video games as a dead end in life. But I am curious, what are your thoughts on e-sports here in the Screwattack community? g1s should post in the comments.

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