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[Community Showcase] g1 Community Top 20 Zelda Boss Battles!!

12/30/11 1:00pm

 [Editor's Note: Awesome job by g1 2200, getting a bunch of community members together for this Top 20! I love reading everyone's opinions!]

It took me a while, but it is complete, the g1 Community Top 20 Zelda Boss Battles!!

If you don't know, I asked the g1s to contribute by having them tell me their top 10 favorite Zelda bosses and why they liked it. All the lists I got went through my expertly created point ranking system and from that I got a proper top 20.

All the entries on this list are written by the g1s, so it's pretty cool reading different opinions by different people.

I also want to thank every last one of you that contributed, from all the lists I counted 44 unique Boss Battles!

With 44 boss battles I turned my original idea from a top 10 to a top 20!

Let me quickly go down how everything is set up. First you have the Name of the boss, then the game it comes from. After that either a picture, or video. All the g1 names are captioned and under there name is there justification to that specific boss battle. For a long time I debated whether I should display the points each boss battle has and in the end I decided to display them during the top 10 portion of the list.


Grab some popcorn, a drink and anything else you might need, because it's time for the Top 20.......but before that the Honorable Mentions!




Honorable Mentions!

Honorable mentions are placed in no particular order.



The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

I was surprised to see not as many battles from the DS titles. The way  2 screens are used in these battles is very unique.


"Everytime I see my Phantom Hourglass box the first thing that comes to mind the awesome boss battle with Crayk. Crayk is the shelled scorpion thing that becomes invisible. The reason I think it's cool is because of the mechanic the developers used, taking advantage of the two screens seeing Link move in real time from Crayk's perspective. And while it's not so hard, it is fun, and you can see that the developers wanted to be original [right?]."


Usurper King: Zant

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess


"It's too bad more people don't have this fight in there lists, it only gets a honorable mention.

This battle is always changing locations and keeping it fresh, you get to relive old mid/doungeon bosses......but with Zant instead."


"The main bad guy for 80% of the adventure, the fight against Zant incorporates multiple elements of previous boss battles and reveals just how insane the character is. The music is pretty nutty too."


Final Boss Battle: Bellum

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

Noble Team 1:

"The Fight with Bellum which uses both screens in a way that still is pretty sweet to this date. "



The Legend of Zelda Oracles of Ages and Seasons


"I always found the Twinrova fight in OOT to be a little underwhelming. It wasn’t terrible by any means, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the final boss fight in the Oracle games. The Twinrova are much more threatening in this fight, have a much larger variety of moves, a second more powerful form, and all that is topped off with the 2nd greatest fight against Ganon at the end. If it isn’t one of the best bosses in the series, it’s definitely one of the toughest. I’ve gone through this boss fight numerous times and can’t come out on top without one of Syrup’s magic potions."



The Legend of Zelda


"This is of course the father of all bomb battles in all Zelda games. That should be reason enough! Also “Dodongo dislikes smoke” I can respect that… like a bomb to the face!"


Twilit Aquatic: Morpheel / Morpha

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess / The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time



"Four words... PAIN. IN. MY. ASS. I hated this guy at first for being so hard to frackin beat, but once I battled a few times... I like the battle. The boss himself is a tube of gelatin that moves over and over. Also, the battle strategy itself is awesome. "



"Was I the only one the actually liked this boss fight? It placed number 3 on my personal top 10. This fight is very satisfying, doesn't matter how many times I fight it."


The Nightmare

The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening


"Though technically multiple bosses he is still done in one boss fight. He takes the form of bosses Link fought in the past like Ganon. This is a boss that requires the use of Links multitude of items unlike a lot of other final bosses that only require the sword and maybe an other item."



The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages


"In my opinion this is much closer to what the final fight against Vaati in Minish Cap should have been like. You have a boss with 3 different forms, each with a good assortment of attacks. You have the sorceress Veran’s human form, which fires a scattershot; a fairy like form that features Veran flying across the screen while Dark Links mimicking your moves; and a final form that’s constantly shifting between 3 different types of giant, hideous, insects. Very satisfying fight for what is probably not only my favorite portable Zelda title, but one of my favorite Zelda titles period."



The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time


"I HATED this dungeon as a kid on my first playthrough and the boss just freaked the hell out of me. I don't exactly know why but I was so nervous fighting this guy and I was so overjoyed when I beat him, especially since it led to the later part of the game."


"A massive creature living in Jabu-Jabu, this was a pretty tough boss that blasted away using electrical attacks. Definitely the toughest boss Kid Link has to fight."


Dead Hand

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time


"This was just creepy as hell. The whole bottom of the well was creepy but the boss battle was just the icing on the cake. He's the thing nightmares are made of."





 Now that the honorable mentions are done, it's time to begin the Top 20!

Top 20





20. Phantom Ganon

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time

The battle with Phantom Ganon starts off this Top 20 list.


"I know that it is a really weird choice but I love this boss fight to bits, even the tennis session you have to defeat it."



19. Gohma

The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker

Alpha Unit:

"The Scorpion was unique in the fact that you didn't directly battle him in the first phase of battle. You had to pull on Valoo's tail (He's named Valoo, right?) to bring down the ceiling in order to damage the Scorpions armor. Once damaged, the fight gets quicker and you now have make do with the enhanced speed."



18. Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

I always wandered how a female yeti transformed into a monstrous living block of crystal shaped ice...


"The boss looks awesome, he plays awesome, and the world you find him in is awesome. I loved this entire boss fight. From start to finish."



17. Ghirahim (All Three Battles)

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword


"I haven’t finished Skyward Sword yet and can’t say what I thought of the bosses overall, but I was pretty impressed with the first dungeon boss. I personally think Ghirahim is sort of lame as a villain (every time I look at him I get the feeling he should be talking in a stereotypically flamboyant manner like Maximillion Pegasus), however I got to give him credit for making an entertaining duel. This fight breaks one particularly annoying trope of the Zelda series by making it so you DON’T use the item you got in the dungeon on the boss and the 1 on 1 sword fight against him was what convinced me that the motion controls, while gimmicky, were at least a gimmick that was well implemented into the gameplay. "


"Ghirahim from Skyward Sword, one of the best sword fights I've had in a Zelda game, great boss."


"Not everybody has beating through Skyward Sword yet, so they haven't experienced the Final Ghirahim fight. I'll let this video do the talking for me."

(Warning contains SPOILERS!):



16. Volvagia

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Noble Team 1:

"Volvagia from Ocarina of Time since you fight a dragon cover in flames enough said."


"Now this fiery dragon was a fun fight and the only one that I saw a good use for the Giants Knife. Playing whack a dragon with a hammer only to guage his eyes out with the Giants Knife was and still is memorable to me."



********************Spoilers Alert********************

If you have not completed Skyward Sword yet then quickly scroll down to the next entry, skipping #15.


15. Final Boss Bottle: Demise

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

For the rest of you, please enjoy this HD quality video of the final showdown.


"The final confrontation with Demise was truly EPIC! It had great atmosphere and amazing visuals to make an already epic fight, better! My only complaint would be that it was WAY too short for a Zelda Final Boss Battle."

Of course don't take just my opinion on it, g1 Janos has quite a lot to say about the fight against Demise.


"Okay, so the for those of you have finished Skyward Sword, I think you guys all know HOW FUCKING EPIC the last boss battle with the "Demise" was.

Where do i even start.

The moment players first saw the "Demise", you could instantly tell that this motherfucker was the root of all the evil ever unleashed upon the land of Hyrule and the world of The Legend of Zelda. the moment he appears, he immediately looks intimidating and scares the shit of you, just by his looks. Okay enough about the boss himself though, this isn't the top 10 bosses.

So the boss fight, OH MY GOD.

1. The Battle Arena - So, when we take the portal to the boss, we are greeted with an amazing view. Blue, never-ending skies as far as the eye can see, and never-ending clear water as the floor. It looks like the Salar de Unyr in Bolivia, and it absolutely looks stunning. The Demise then starts talking to us, and we are reminded that we were just about to fight the last boss. As the conversation with the Demise enters it's final phrase, the world around us turns into quite the opposite. The darkest skies we have ever seen, lightning, rain, everything factor imaginable to get us prepped for a last, final, epic showdown is thrown directly at us, and the result is goosebumps all over our body. SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

2. The Fight - Before beginning the fight, he appreciates your courage to stand up to him, and declares to have a fair fight. Yes, this is a one-on-one sword fighting duel for the fate of the world with evil itself. The fight with him is truly EPIC. The fight is hard as hell to get through without any potions, and it was the first time I ever felt like i was fighting something of the difficulty of a LAST BOSS in a Zelda game, and it was truly amazing.

Oh god.... there's so much more i could talk about but this becoming way too long, but you get the idea....

I really don't think it's because it's still fresh in my mind that I think it's the best Zelda boss fight of all time. I seriously think this was truly the most fun and excitement I've had with a boss out of the Zelda games, really. "



14. Final Boss Battle: Ganondorf/Ganon

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time


"The Final Battle with Ganondorf is one of the most [memorable] battles and has been basacally redone in later Zelda games. Now the Ganon fight on the other hand is entirly something different.

A castle in ruins, the dark and foggy sky, lightning and thunder CLASH in the background. The fate of Hyrule now rests on the shoulders of a lone hero garbbed in green and his fairy companion."

 Noble Team 1:

"Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past/Ocarina of Time- Ganon both of those fights still stand out and show how impressive each game still stands the test of time."



13. Koloktos

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword


"The best boss in Skyward Sword in my opinion. This ancient defense robot isn't afraid to use his multitude of arms, axes, and swords. Armed with the whip to tear off his limbs and to use his own swords to cleave him to pieces easily makes him the most creative boss in Skyward Sword."


"This right here folks is the BEST boss fight in Skyward Sword! So fun to play through it  multiple times!

Come'on, don't tell me unwinding it's arms with the whip then picking up it's giant swords and swinging them around isn't fun."



12. Giant Masked Insect Twinmold

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask


"You’ve seen this boss battle before eg, Lanmolas or Moldorm from Link to the Past. Flying worms, just hit the glowing point on the end of their tail… three times… FTW. How this boss battle distinguishes itself is the flying worms are wearing masks… also they are gigantic! To level the playing field you have the “Giant’s Mask” which transforms you to their size. In short, enacting a Power Rangers like battle I find both cathartic and da’ shit. That’s all you need to know!"


"A throwback to earlier Zelda bosses of similar nature but instead this time Link has the option to become a giant. Being a giant is awesome and shame you can only do it in this one boss fight unless you cheat."



11. Moldorm

The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past

Moldorm is an exellent Boss, but didn't recieve quite enough points to land in the top 10.


"Giant worm that moves around in a platform that ha no walls, best boss from that game easily."


"It's not enough to fight a giant worm, you have to fight a moving giant worm. Plenty of Zelda bosses are stationary but this one offers a challenge."

Elmo 3000:

"One of the most frustrating but fun bosses in the series, Moldorm was a bit of a wake up call for people coasting through A Link to the Past who hadn't faced anything difficult yet. They had reason to feel this way - the first few bosses were a group of easily defeated statues, and a smaller group of only very slightly harder to defeat worms. Then comes Moldorm.

A giant moving worm, its only weak spot is the tip of its tail, which is understandably hard to hit as the thing keeps moving all around, especially when getting hit knocks you back, and the boss fight takes place with a pit all around, and an extra hole in the middle just for good measure. It takes 6 whole hits for it to die, and after the 5th, it starts to zoom around at an alarming pace. It's annoying and frustrating and irritating and absolutely brilliant."



It's time to coutdown the Top 10! Remember the points are going to be displayed now!




10. Twilit Arachnid: Armogohma

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Points: 15

Armogoma kicks off the Top 10 with 15 points!


"It's a giant bug that you smash with a big mallet. How can you NOT love that?"


"SMASHING Armogoma with a huge statue arm, always feels great!"



9. Masked Mechanical Monster Goht

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

Points: 15

Here is a video showing this unique boss battle


"This was fun just because of how you beat him: speed up to a spikey roll as a goron and ram into him (or more specifically his ass)."


"Far and away one of the most unique fights in the Zelda series, the fight against Goht is probably the closest thing to a destruction derby battle the series will have. Rocks falling everywhere; the massive bolts of lightning Goht shoots, it all feels like one giant obstacle and a battle to keep your speed and to keep on chasing that giant robot……goat thing down."


"One of the more unique boss battles in any Zelda game. Instead of the usual boss battle taking place in a round open room, this one is a circle path with obstacles where you get to chase down Goht. It's also the battle were you use up the most amount of magic in any Zelda boss battle. Period."


"Very intense boss battle, and it is at a very high speed, really cool boss that stands out from the rest."



8. Helmorok King

The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker

Points: 19

Alpha Unit: 

"That bird was among the biggest douches in the game. He had the nerve to anger Tetra and the pirates, kidnap your sister, and throw you out in the ocean. Getting revenge on this mother f*cker was the top thing on my list throughout the whole game, and believe me, smashing his face in with a hammer was the most satisfying thing in the game."


"Taking on a massive bird is always a unique experience and this boss proved that it was a cool one too. I really enjoy the way the fight is designed, the spotlights that follow the boss as it flies, the music. All great."

Elmo 3000:

"The Helmaroc King is the first major enemy you see in the game, and you certainly have motivation to bash its brains out - it kidnaps your sister, the same way it kidnaps many girls, and keeps her in the forbidden fortress. Anyway, although this isn't the first boss you fight, it's the first time you take on an enemy that made it really, really personal.

The battle itself is great. After fleeing the final tower of the forbidden fortress in order to avoid drowning, you face the first really important enemy of the game. Diving back and forth to avoid its claws is manageable, and bashing it's helmet open with your massive hammer is equally fun and stress-relieving. Then, as the helmet shatters and you attack it with your sword, it gasps, flies up until all spotlights of the fortress are fixed on it, and... then it explodes in feathers. Awesome."



7. Twilit Dragon: Argorok

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Points: 21

"Epic." - 2200


Alpha Unit: 

"Argorok was complete badassary. Fighting a goddamn dragon is always a pleasure to fight, and the double claw-shot only made it one the best boss battles a Zelda game could have."


"A great aerial battle using the double clawshot and making the iron boots useful for something. It was very satisfying pulling that Ridley knock-off out of the sky and going totally sickhouse on his ass."


"What is there to say about this that hasen't been already. The use of the claw shots to grabs on to the pillers. After climbing a little bit higher up, you claw shot one of those flying things (forgot what they were called). Bearly escaping the mighty dragons fire breath, you claw shot on to his back... *Que epic music* Then slash away at it, until it drops to the ground. Epic."


"This was one of the most intense battles I've had in any Zelda games and I thoroughly enjoyed it."



6. Stallford

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Points: 27


"To anyone who won’t stop bitching about how they THINK Twilight Princess was nothing more than a clone of OOT, eat it and fucking weep! This is probably the most unique fight in the series. Everyone loves this boss fight, heck I recall Zelda Informer (I believe it was that site, but I could be wrong) putting it at #1 on their list of the best Zelda bosses. It starts off somewhat claustrophobic with Skeletons filling up much of the screen, but once you and the boss take to the sky it immediately becomes fast paced as hell. Great boss fight, definitely worthy of the praise it’s received and fuck anyone who called the spinner worthless."


"This guy was awesome because he looked awesome and the spinner was awesome. Knocking out this guys spine with the spinner was gratifying and then bashing his face in with the aforementioned spinner was also gratifying."


"I've never heard anyone suggest this is a bad boss. It's a huge skeletal creature that moves around a lot. Few boss battles in the series are as mobile as this one. The scale of the fight is grand and the remix of the Volvagia fight from Ocarina is impressive."



5. Final Boss Battle: Ganondorf

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Points: 28


"Another great sword fight, with a great finishing blow."


"Number 1 on my personal top 10 Zelda Boss Battles! Fighting a possesed Zelda, Beast Ganon, horseback fight and then a one-on-one final showdown with the Dark Lord himself Ganondorf! Truly Epic!"

Elmo 3000:

"Twilight Princess was the target of much complaining, so much so that the many things that game did right were often overlooked. The music, gameplay, graphics, and sound were all appropriately legendary, and the boss battles are equally amazing. Nowhere is this more obvious than the final battle with Ganondorf.

After fighting a possessed Zelda, you take on Ganon in his beast form. Then, after chasing him on horseback as Zelda fires light arrows at him, you square off for a one-on-one duel. Lightning is striking, the arena is surrounding by powerful magic, and Ganondorf wages his sword of the seven sages against Link's trusty master sword. It goes above and beyond the expectations of a boss, even for a Zelda game.

The gameplay of the fight is kept traditional - the key to success is almost entirely in dodging his attacks and counter-attacking with your own. That being said, it worth taking the time to learn all of the hidden skills in the game, as Ganondorf is very vulnerable to the back slice. After he finally takes enough punishment, Ganondorf tumbles back and Link finishes him off in the usual surprisingly violent way. Anyway, it's the grand finale of a great game, it's dramatic, it's fitting, and it's a joy to play through."



Hey guess which battle is number 4. It beat the Epic four phased battle with Ganondorf by 1 point!



4. Final Boss Battle: Ganondorf

The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker

Point: 29

"BOOM! HEADSHOT!!!" - caboose_-1



"Probably the best fight with Ganondorf of the series, he actually beats Link, loses the Triforce, and then goes insane, it's all so surreal. When I did the final strike I actually yelled out, "BOOM! HEADSHOT!!!""


"Yea, not the most original of choices for someone’s favorite Zelda boss fight, but damn it this fight just had it all. It was the first boss in Zelda history where Zelda actually played a valuable role in the final fight, it made the slow and sluggish Ganon from OOT fast as hell, trying to properly shoot an arrow at Zelda’s shield and back at Ganon felt strategic and fun, I absolutely loved the flowing water in the background and thought it was what exemplified the game’s gorgeous art style the best, and I think everyone can agree it has the best damn finisher in the entire series. Screwattack even claimed Ganon’s death in Wind Waker was the worst way to die in video game history (IN THE FACE). When I think of Zelda boss fights this is the fight that comes to mind."

Mr. West:

"The final battle from Wind Waker. Purely for the final blow that kills Ganon. AWESOME."


"The final confrontation between Link and Ganondorf in Wind Waker is a memorable one. Ganondorf has got some pretty impressive moves, fighting alongside Zelda is great and who could forget the brutal finishing move that Link pulls. Considering how some labeled Wind Waker 'kiddy' it's pretty shocking."



3. Final Boss Battle: Vaati

The Legend of Zelda the Minish Cap

Points 31

You guys really love Vaati, enough to get his battle placed at Number 3!

 Alpha Unit:

"Vaati is an ass. He's just as evil as Ganondorf, except he has a creepy eyeball fetish to counter Ganon's pig fetish. (He also has an effeminate laugh, which angers me.) Despite that, he's pretty badass, and he has what it takes to be a great villain. Of course, being the last boss, he goes one to have a long, but satisfying, multiple phased battle which goes on to include an epic finale to this GBA adventure."


"The only thing really holding back this fight from being higher on my list is the fact that (According to Zelda wiki at least) the final fight against Minish Cap’s Vaati is basically just a collaboration of bosses from other Zelda games. Granted, it’s a collaboration of awesome bosses and there are some interesting tweaks here and there especially in the final, but some elements of the MANY forms you fight do still feel tacked on from other fights in the series."


"Minish Cap was not my favorite Zelda title. But this fight made it worth while to finish the game. I loved the feeling of energy and me being psyched about this final boss. One of my favorite final boss fights."


"The only one I really loved that I can think of at the moment was the final chain of battles against Vaati at the end of Minish Cap. Not so much because the battles were extremely hard or anything but because it kinda tested your patience and endurance. Every time I nailed him I was sure it was the last time and then BAM now he's a floating eyeball with crap floating around him."


"Great final boss, very intense battle."



2. Twinrova

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Points: 39

While I was compiling this master list together, I was sure that the battle with Twinrova would end up af first, but I was wrong. It was such a close battle with 1st and 2nd. With 39 points, it's got quite a gap between 2nd and 3rd, that's for sure.

Alpha Unit:

"A memorable battle in Ocarina, the twinrova battle switched from fighting both the individual twins at the same time before they fused into an oddly arousing form. The element of the battle people remember most is absorbing the fire/ice energy shot at you which must be used against the enemy."


"This was just fun on top of being visually appealing. Sucking up the power of fire and/or ice in the mirror shield and reflecting it back at her was so freaking awesome!"


"I recently played through Occarina of Time again and I have to say this battle is as good as everyone remembers it. Absorbing either ice, or fire and blasting it back is still a very goos machanic and keeps the fight interesting."


"The shield charging with the twin sisters spells was a very interesting mechanic, really challenging boss and really memorable battle."


"Using the new Mirror Shield as part of a strategy to reflect one sister's spells at the other is surprisingly fun. It's not a difficult fight, but it is enjoyable."












Well, before that let's hit the old recap......of the Top 10!

10. Armogoma (Twilight Princess)

9. Goht (Majora's Mask)

8. Helmorok King (Wind Waker)

7. Argorok (Twilight Princess)

6. Stallford (Twilight Princess)

5. Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)

4. Ganondorf (Wind Waker)

3. Vaati (Minish Cap)

2. Twinrova (Ocarina of Time)


Now it's time for..........Number 1..........................................................................................................
















1. Final Boss Battle: Majora

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

Points: 43

Majora! With a whopping 43 points! The Final Boss Battle from my favorite Zelda game. Ironicaly Majora's not on my  personal top 10. 


"I prefer MM over OoT and finally being able to fight the s.o.b. that caused so much suffering filled me with a righteous fury. Toss in the fact that you can literally make Link a GOD in this fight and you have my #1 pick."


"While this is probably the most overrated fight in the Zelda franchise, Majora did have a good variety of forms and attacks. It was fun to try and experiment and see what weapons you could and couldn’t use against him and I suppose the creepy screams and bizarre disfiguration the bosses many forms were sooomewhat unsettling (not nearly as much as people claim though). The only big problem I had was that this “terrifying” boss was an absolute pushover if you have Fierce Diety Link available, which is a much easier mask to get than you might think."


"Excellent boss fight in every phase one of the best bosses in any game."


"I’m 27 and I sleep with the lights on because of this! The game was kind of dark but no one saw this existential nightmare coming. After the battle you should be saying to yourself “Yes! I got that son of a bitch and saved the day!” but instead you think to yourself apprehensively “Maybe I should have just let that scary ass moon crash into the earth”. Very rarely does an established game step out of the mold. Majora’s Mask did it and this boss battle is the height of the crescendo and for that it’s number one on my list."


"Too linked to split up, these boss fights each create a unique atmosphere. You may laugh or just get completely freaked out. It's also fun to bust out the Fierce Deity mask and lay into these guys."





This concludes the g1 Community Top 20 Zelda Boss Battles!!

Did you enjoy it? Should I do more of these?

Before we go I would like to Thank g1s:


Alpha Unit







Noble Team 1


Mr. West



Elmo 3000

For contributing, this blog couldn't have been done without all of you! (Hopefully I didn't forget anyone)

I'll see you guys next time!


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