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[Community Showcase] Kid Icarus Returns In 16-bit!

1/9/12 10:20am

After finding the awesome Mega Man clone, Rokko-chan. Flip Industries has turned up something quite awesome, Super Kid Icarus. You can now play Kid Icarus in 16-bit inside your web browser! You get the same awesome gameplay from the old NES cart. There is great orchestral music playing the main theme of the game. You can enable cheats to make the experience easier. It also has the ability to save and continue your game. Also, no more plain drab black backgrounds! Like Rokko-chan, make sure you are using  Joy2Key and a gamepad.


I didn’t even mention the best part. It has a full-blown level editor! However, the level editor is not unlocked yet. So please visit the website so we can unlock it! Below, here is a video of the level editor in action. Hurry up and play it before Nintendo probably takes it down!

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