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Posted on January 9, 2012 - 1:20pm by Flapperdoodle


Street Fighter has an awesome cast of characters, and Flaps loves lots of them. Keep reading to learn all 10!


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 Dear Readers,

Tis I Flapperdoodle here with another awesome episode of my epic gaming blog. Once again, I hope all you g1s had a fantastic new year. Hope you stayed safe, because if you didn't, you may not be able to keep reading my blog. That would TRULY be the end of the world. But hey, we've got a good few solid months left, so let's make these the best ScrewAttack months yet. I'm going to start off the year with another top list, one that I've been waiting to do for a while.

Before we start though, though this may be a little late, I want to express my thanks to Woodyman and every g1 and staff member who attended the holiday party. I had a fantastic time at the party and it helped me strengthen not only my love for the g1 community, but my opinion that the g1 community is the best community online. You guys rock and I can't wait for the next party! Now, speaking of fantastic segues…

When you think of the fighting genre, many titles pop into your head. One of the first would have to be Street Fighter. With its colorful graphics and top notch fighting, Street Fighter is one of the most critically acclaimed series of fighting games in recent history, and is one of the scarce amounts of franchises Capcom has a firm grasp on right now. Ever since its start on the arcades in 1987, the series has acquired a strong fan base and is still selling millions of copies. Even with its strong competition like Mortal Kombat and Marvel VS Capcom, Street Fighter still rises to each occasion receiving critical and fan acclaim.

One big reason, in my honest opinion, that Street Fighter is popular is because of its cast of characters. Characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and M. Bison are gaming icons and are staples of pop culture. Whether it is Ryu's "Hadouken" or M. Bison's "OF COURSE!" (then again, that was unintentional), the characters of Street Fighter are widely known by gamers as just a few of THE mascots of the current fighting genre.

So today, we are here to honor the huge cast of Street Fighter characters with a top list! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, g1s of all ages and interests, this is…

Flapperdoodle's Top Ten Street Fighter Characters!

But before we start the list, we have some stuff we gots to take care of first. First off, DA RULES OF DA LIST!

1. For a character to be on this list, I have to have played as them. I can't just add a character on this list because he looks funny or because he's from my favorite country. I need to have experienced him in any game in the series.

2. They have to be a playable character in ANY of the Street Fighter titles. As in, if I got to versus mode, I can be able to play as them/select them from a roster. No random NPCs.

3. I need to know enough about them. Not necessarily story wise, but possibly move wise. I should know some of their moves or their overall theme to their moveset. You'll see what I mean later.

Finally, let us go through some honorable mentions. These are the characters that would be on the top 15 list, but not the top ten.


First Appearance: Super Street Fighter IV

Birthplace: Turkey

Weight: 242 lbs

Famous Turkish oil wrestler and president of an olive oil company, Hakan made his first appearance in the recent Super Street Fighter IV. He is a husband and the father of seven children, which are very important to him. His body is a dark shade of red and his hair and mustache are turquoise… not the best color combination. Still, Hakan's secret weapon is his specialty, oil. He douses oil all over himself, which allows him to slide on the ground farther and squeeze opponents through his muscles. The creators wanted "something that was never seen in a SF game before", and I think they did JUST that.


First Appearance: Super Street Fighter II

Birthplace: Jamaica

Weight: 203 lbs

This happy-go-lucky kickboxer is definitely one of the more cheerful fighters in the series. He isn't a fan favorite nor is he a cheap fighter; he is very mixed upon fans. I personally like Dee Jay due to his flexibility and how jumpy he is. Due to him being a kickboxer, he can kick very high, do some very awesome flips, and pull off boxing gloves. Dee Jay also is a music superstar always trying to find rhythm in his fights. I respect this being a musical man myself. Love him or hate, you can never find Dee Jay in a bad mood.


First Appearance: Street Fighter IV

Birthplace: Mexico

Weight: 154 lbs

Being named "The Strong One" in Spanish comes with a reputation, but El Fuerte is a little different than you may think. Believe it or not, El Fuerte is an aspiring chef who joins fighting tournaments to learn about different competitors favorite foreign cuisines. He also fights "lucha libre" style and he likes to see if he can take on fighters like "Tornado Rojo" (who will be on this list *wink wink nudge nudge*). He may not be the strongest, he may not be the biggest, and ironically, he may not be the best chef, but he still has the muscles to be successful as a true fighter.


First Appearance: Street Fighter

Birthplaces: Japan/US

Weight: 150 lbs/159 lbs

Seen as the two best friends/biggest rivals of the Street Fighter franchise, Ryu and Ken are the two most well known characters. Instead of me blabbing about them, I am just going to say this. It would be WAY too cliche and WAY too generic to put these either of these two on the list. So, while they are cool and are great fighters, I have ten other fighters I like more. They may be from different families, but Ryu and Ken are practically brothers and the true duo of Street Fighter.


First Appearance: Street Fighter IV

Birthplace: Japan

Weight: 198 1/2 lbs

Although he never made a roster appearance since Street Fighter IV, Gouken has certain connections with many of the game's characters. He's Ryu's adoptive father and Ken's teacher. He also taught Dan Hibiki (not on the list…) for a while until he learned Dan only wanted to be taught to defeat Sagat. He also happens to be Akuma's older brother, (and yes, I don't see it either) but despises him for killing Goutetsu, Gouken's master. Gouken is the wise elder of the Street Fighter series, always giving wisdom to various characters in the series. Need to learn how to "Hadouken"? Gouken's your guy.

So, now that that crap is done with, let the list begin!

#10: GEN

First Appearance: Street Fighter

Birthplace: China

Weight: 134 1/2 lbs

Want variation? Gen is a perfect example. Gen may be an elderly man, but he is an expert assassin and has mastered many different styles of kung fu including Mantis, Crane, and Tiger. He even taught famous SF character Chun-Li for a short while. Not only is he elderly and a badass martial arts master, but in SF Alpha 2, he learned he was dying of Leukemia. He still is technically dying of it in the recent SFIV, and he even let Akuma fight to the death with him. Only a true brave person would be willing to fight to the death… or he could just be stupid.

The reason this character is on the list is because of how much stress and hardship he goes through but still lives to die fighting. He is willing to keep fighting while dying of a deadly fatal disease. That is dedication to your sport and I deeply respect that. Also, it's cool when you have a character who can literally at any point switch through different fighting styles. I don't care what animal style he uses, Gen can pull all of them off flawlessly. Gen may be old, but don't judge him by his health. Healthy or not, he'll kick your ass so hard YOU'LL need the painkillers.


First Appearance: Super Street Fighter II

Birthplace: United Kingdom

Weight: 101 lbs

The first of two luscious women on our countdown, Cammy is right beside Chun Li as one of the most famous women of Street Fighter. Ever since 1993, Cammy has been featured abundantly in the Street Fighter series. Not many people know this, because it isn't obvious, but Cammy used to be part of an illegal organization known as Shadaloo. She used to work there until she was told she was unneeded. She then moved on to work at Delta Red and use her fighting capabilities for the good.

Cammy is pretty low simply because she isn't the most memorable women in SF history to be playable, but she has some good moves. I like to throw myself into the fight, and with Cammy that is more inevitable than ever. She isn't the best with long-range attacks, so her epic kicks and strikes do some true damage. Plus, I like her whole amnesia thing going on. You would never have guessed if you saw her once. Speaking of which, she's hot. So… that gives her automatic brownie points.

#8: E. HONDA

First Appearance: Street Fighter II

Birthplace: Japan

Weight: 302 lbs

Sumo Wrestlers have in a way become one of the many laughing stocks that Japan has given us. But when it comes to E. Honda, if you laugh, he will show NO mercy. His goal is to become the greatest sumo wrestler of all time, and he'll do anything to do it. That includes traveling from Japan to various locations to fight the best of the best to become… the best. I sense a pattern here. Anyway, E. Honda is a whopping 302 pounds, which allows for some huge blows on opponents. No wonder his friendly rivals include El Fuerte and Hakan.

One of the greatest, and unintentionally hilarious things about E. Honda's moveset, is that he slaps… a lot. One of my favorite moves he has is called the Hundred Hand Slap. It is like the Lightning Kick, except that he uses his hand. This move is also used in his ultra combo which, not only involves many painful slaps, but also ends with one very nasty slap to the balls. That's gotta hurt. It's funny, because you'd never expect someone like E. Honda to be THAT good at slapping. Maybe he was in an abusive relationship…


First Appearance: Street Fighter II

Birthplace: India

Weight: 106 lbs

Funny, a pacifist in the Street Fighter series. Who knew? Well, Dhalsim is famous in the series for being this Indian meditative calm guy. And to be honest, he is. Unlike other characters in the series, Dhalsim isn't doing this for victory or bragging rights. He's doing this for his village. In games like the Alpha series, he is raising money for the village and he also defeats enemies of the village. In the main series, he also helps the village. In the main series, he raises more money, but he also tries to save their water supply. Unfortunately, saving his village usually makes him feel bad about contradicting his pacifist belief.

Dhalsim is a great person, which is a BIG reason he's on the list? But there is a problem with Dhalsim that is extremely relevant. Whenever I fight with him, his offense and defense sucks. I mean, his personality, flexibility, and even his nice Indian theme in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is good enough to get him at #8. Sadly, Dhalsim must rely on his long-range flexibility. Even though this can lead to many zany antics with his Mr. Fantastic arms, whenever I play against someone like E. Honda or Zangief, this guy falls flat. Maybe I just suck… probably the latter.

#6: M. BISON

First Appearance: Street Fighter II

Birthplace: ???

Weight: 176 lbs

Here in America, we've had some pretty brute forces face off against us. In fact, last year, three of them were killed. But let me tell you, Osama Bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi, and even Kim Jong Il cannot be been slightly compared to M. Bison, Street Fighter's version of THE ruthless dictator. Many SF characters despise this guy, and they've got good reasons. He's ruthless, gives not mercy, and thinks of his enemies as small obstacles in his quest to become the greatest martial arts master in the world. When he kills a guy, he doesn't give them a passing glance. He OF COURSE wants to rule the world some day, ao he won't let anyone stop him, and he'll do anything to make sure they don't. Brainwashing, murder, hypnosis, terrorism, experimentation, drug trafficking; you name it, he's done it.

This guy's personality alone makes him suitable for this list. I LOVE VILLAINS! A villain is what makes ANY series more interesting. People like Batman and Superman are nothing without Joker or Luthor. M. Bison is the ultimate arrogant douche of the SF series. His enemies list contains people like Guile, Sagat, Ryu, and especially Chun-Li. He killed her father and he barely gave a crap. That alone shows how ruthless this guy is. Sure, you may have to charge with his moveset, but it is worth it. M. Bison is one of the coolest villains in gaming PERIOD let alone SF, and definitely deserves ANY spot on this list. Just don't tell him he's number six… he'll find me…


First Appearance: Street Fighter IV

Birthplace: US

Weight: 408 lbs

Rufus is hilarious in my opinion. He is one of the most stereotyped human beings I have ever seen in ANY video game. He's not just a jerk, but he's obese and learned martial arts after watching Kung Fu movies. He has a girlfriend but drives a motorcycle. He's blonde but wears a jumpsuit. He has the cliche things about him that make him the cool guy, the bad guy, and the lazy fat-ass guy. BEST COMBO EVER! The only weird thing is he likes to sing karaoke… odd. He also hates Ken only because he's a better fighter than he is and he always is a jerk to him even when he is nice. Did I mention he's a bragging rambler who has no filter from his head to his mouth? Would it be worse if I told you he actually knows what he's doing?

Yup, he's a great fighter. This was the first character I used when I picked up SFIV and it was very easy to win with him. This is good AND bad as he is a good starter but very cheap. I personally am not a long-range attack type of person, so he is good since he has none, and he can move around nicely. I just love all of the mixed feelings I have for his character. While I can say M. Bison is evil or Dhalsim is an awesome guy, Rufus is really off. Many things he does contradict himself. While he hates people like Ken and Dhalsim, he actually gives tips to Fei Long about Kung Fu. He even calls out E. Honda on breaking the sumo wrestling code. Ballsy dude right here. Overall, I like this guy. He's a little odd to be this high on the list, but I personally consider him a diamond in the rough.


First Appearance: Street Fighter IV

Birthplace: US

Weight: 123 lbs

Meet EASILY the coolest woman of the Street Fighter franchise. Not only does her hairdo rock, but she's smokin'. Her eyes are beautiful, and she's obviously not afraid to show off some cleavage, even better, she isn't afraid to put a tie in the middle of it. C. Viper was employed by S.I.N., but she secretly works for the CIA working on a project known as BLECE as well as eliminating Seth or "Number 15". Something else awesome about C. Viper is similar to M. Bison. She considers herself automatically superior because of her occupation. It's hilarious when you meet people like that. But, the best part of C. Viper is the Battle Suit she wears.

Her Battle Suit allows her to have electric powers in her hands and fiery powers in her feet. This causes many of C. Viper's moves to be AWESOME. Almost every single one of her main moves are not only awesome, but powerful. Moves like the Burning Kick, Seismic Hammer, Emergency Combination, and Burning Dance are straight up EPIC moves. I like fire, what kid doesn't. But, this chick not only is hot, but she can back it up. But, Burning Dance alone puts her in this spot. She SURFS you on fire, and then she kicks you upward, pushes upward on your chin (probably breaking you jaw especially at that power level) and electrocutes your ENTIRE body and lets you fall. There is no escaping it; C. Viper definitely has one of the best movesets in SF history.


First Appearance: Street Fighter II

Birthplace: Russian

Weight: 254 lbs

Seriously dude, did you NOT expect me to put this character on the list. While Ryu and Ken may be two of the most recognizable faces of Street Fighter, Zangief is EASILY one of the most popular. Let's face it; Zangief is the typical huge super strong Russian wrestler. This guy wrestles bears, which has gotten him a lot of praise. He is one of the largest characters and most muscular SF characters making him quite the threatening beast. However, this character is NOT easy to use. Unlike Rufus, Zangief's moves are hard to execute, you he is for advanced players, even with the Double Lariat or "meatspin" often being spammed.

Speaking of the moveset, Zangief has one of the most popular and memorable movesets in all of the series. He of course has his Spinning Piledriver, which he is best known for. But he also has the Flying Power Bomb as well as the Final and Ultimate Atomic Buster, which are awesome by the way. Specifically the Ultimate Atomic Buster has Zangief flips someone backwards, knees him in the back, then throws you up in the air, and then smashes you on the ground HEAD FIRST. Mohawk, muscles, and all, nobody doubts the power that Zangief has… at all…


First Appearance: Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Birthplace: ??? (possibly Japan)

Weight: 176 1/2 lbs

While M. Bison is a great villain and is extremely cool, Akuma is more honorable. While some won't respect M. Bison because of how much of a jerk he is to EVERYONE, Akuma is much more reasonable with his battles. He only battles the people who are either strong enough to fight him or stronger than him. He only fights people who can give a decent challenge, but barely ever picks a fight. He fights only to become more powerful and to see if he or his opponent is strong enough. He is only mean to those who are weaklings, which is typical. But, the main person he despises with a passion is Gouken. His older brother and father of his nephew Ryu, he not only doesn't use his fighting style in the way he likes it, but he took all of the "Satsui no Hadou" (an assassination type of fighting) out of him, which he hates.

For those of you who are Ryu and Ken fans, Akuma is basically them except more damaging. Not only that, but he has other extremely fantastic moves. Hell, he has a move in English called INSTANT HELL MURDER. Instant. Hell. Murder. With other moves like Annihilating Great Spiral, Asura Flashing Sky, Obliterating Great Rising Dragon, and ESPECIALLY Demon Armageddon (which is so hard to watch if it's being executed on you), Akuma's moveset is crazily demonic… which it makes it slightly hilarious. No, not slightly, INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS. Akuma may be an honorable villain, but after doing some Hadoukens and and Shoryukens and more, he'll seem like he was brought up from hell.

So, that is our main list, and I have to say, it looks pretty good. BUT WHY AM I STOPPING THIS LIST FROM MOVING! The "#1 Street Fighter Character" of Flapperdoodleness IS…



First Appearance: Street Fighter II

Birthplace: Brazil

Weight: 217 lbs

When I started writing this list, there were only a few characters that I knew would be high up on the list. Blanka, I knew right away, would be #1. So, many people wonder, what the hell is this guy's back-story anyway? Well, it turns out Blanka's real name is Jimmy and he was in a plane crash when he was little. He was forced to grow up in the wild as he started to have an interest for street fighting. But he also enters fighting tournaments to earn respect from people because of how he is laughed at for his looks. Blanka, if you couldn't tell, is green. According to the games, the green is from chlorophyll in plants since he always hides in them. A bit of a stretch… but ok. Unfortunately, I can't explain the hair. Maybe I'd be better off not anyway.

Blanka is very special because, like Rufus, he taught himself the fighting style he uses. It's pretty much a barbaric survival style of fighting. But, for me at least, Blanka has the most memorable moveset, and for a few reasons. While he may not have the best Super or Ultra moves, but he has some simpler moves that are awesome. He of course has the ability to simply spring electricity out of him whenever. Definitely badassness there. Second, he also does his regular rolling attack WHILE also flipping you backwards. Awesomeness there. Third, and the biggest reason, he eats your flesh. No, I'm serious; he literally hangs on to you and bites you. He gnaws on your stomach an growls. NOBDOY does that. I'm not saying that in the context of "oh, how strange", I'm saying it like "HOLY SH*T!". The only character that can pull off a combination of the Hulk, Bello the Clown, and Goku, Blanka is truly my favorite Street Fighter character, for sure.

So, there's the list. I hope you all enjoyed it, and remember all characters from all games could've gotten a spot. But please note, I've barely played the EX games. I've played a medium amount of the Alpha games. But I mainly have invested my time into the main series. Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed the list, and be sure to leave your favorites down in the comments below. I read them all, so be sure to leave one! The next blog is going to be a certain review I've been hinting at...

- Larry :)

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