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Posted on October 14, 2011 - 11:00am by caboose_-1

Hello G1s yet again to a fairly short blog post.

As those who watched the most recent episode of SideScrollers (10/11/2011) will remember, and as a notice for those who haven't (shame on you for not watching SideScrollers) Craig mentioned that one of the news writers and one of the newest additions to the Crew, Lauren Moore, will not be with us for a short time.  He went on to say, "her father had an emergency and just keep her dad in your thoughts and prayers over the next week... just keep her dad and her family in your thoughts and prayers."

Cryptic but it gets the point across.  I just wanted to make this blog to say that I am hoping for the best and will be praying for the best for her and her family, as should all of us.  The Crew has shown that they care about us when needed, as most recently evidenced by the video with Zach, and the G1s should show support when it is asked of us.  Why?  Because we're not just gamers or members of a website, we're a community and come what may, we support each other.

If you want to leave a message showing your support, drop it in the comment section below.  If not then hope/pray for the best.


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