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Think of this as an expansion of Challenge Monday. Every week, one g1 will be tasked with a challenge suggested by you g1s. This challenge must be done within a certain amount of time, usually under one hour. These challenges must be feasible and reasonable in order to be accepted. Now then, should the g1 complete this challenge, he/she will be considered "GAME" and we will post the amount of time of his/her player alongside the high score (if applied). If unsuccessful, then he/she will be considered "LAME" then a punishment will be delivered.

The major draw of this is that all challenges and punishments are to be chosen at random by the spin of a wheel - 6 challenges and 6 punishments will be placed on the wheel. About an hour before the show, the challenge will be picked (this is for the g1 to prepare everything in the meantime) and, just before the show starts, the punishment will be chosen (but not revealed until the end of the show). Both the challenges and punishments will follow these criteria:

  • The games must be games the g1 owns at the moment. These must not include emulators.
  • The punishments must be at the limits bound by the rules of Game or Lame suggestions AND the g1's willingness to do them.
  • We do not allow body inflicting punishments. This include aggression (slapping/kicking/punching, etc.), tattoos, shaving, etc.
  • We allow clothing as long as the person's income allows it.
  • We allow singing and dancing, so long as the person is willing to reveal himself in video.
  • We allow avatar changing and behaviors, so long as it's SFW.
  • Removing anonymity is strictly prohibited! We respect those who want to remain faceless and/or nameless.
  • Blog writing is encouraged - we recommend reviewing movies and/or TV Shows.
  • All punishments must be completed to remove the "LAME" status from future shows.
  • Punishments are decided depending on what the person can do at the moment - do NOT ask us to evade certain shows or types of punishments, because they will end up being considered in the end! You got in the deal, now SHUT UP and follow the rules.

For now we only seek SUGGESTIONS for both challenges and punishments. We will later look on potential challengers. Spit some questions while you're at it, in the meantime. Well, then. Are you Game...or Lame?

(We're also taking suggestions at the forums!)

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