Before Conker had his Bad Fur Day, he was in Twelve Tales, in this unseen footage!

Posted on September 21, 2012 - 12:00pm by BCEntertainment358

Before Conker became the foul-mouthed, teddie-hating, beer-swelling squirrel we all know today, he was just another cute mascot character in a LONG-ass line of cute mascot characters. He had a Game Boy Color game and a cameo in Diddy Kong Racing. But that was it before he had his Bad Fur Day.

Then, he had a game in the pipeline called Twelve Tales: Conker 64 that was set to be released for the N64 before its transformation into one of the funniest games for the system. And all we saw of it were gameplay plus a couple of screenshots, and that was it.

Well, fear not! (who oh-so famously dug up footage of Dinosaur Planet, aka StairFax Temperatures in its original form) has done it again! They have dug up 30 jam-packed minutes of this lost N64 game, much of which is NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN to the public eye. Check it out:

Now we wanna hear your say, g1s! Would you have been able to play this before it became what it is now? And would like Conker in this form BEFORE he started getting all Live and Reloaded? Jot those down in the comments.

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