Could Mass Effect 3's Destroy Ending Be The Cannon Ending?[SPOILERS]

Posted on July 1, 2012 - 7:50pm by Kaibaman41

 As I've  stated a few  times before in comments even though I'm a none Mass Effect player I understood the fan outrage over how the endings were in pre extended cut, it didn't explain worth of anything and all the endings felt the same no matter what you chose. In the extended cut endings 2 endings dictate Shepard dies like in pre extended cut but shows Shepards love interest put his name on a Memorial as if he died.

However even in the Original Destroy Ending if certain conditions where met you would see a cutscene showing Shepard gasping for air underneath rubble, in the extended cut Destroy Ending  who ever is Shepards Love Interest in the players story she hesitates to place Shepards name on a Memorial having faith Shepard is alive somewhere. Bioware on their forums has confirmed this to be the case with this post

You may notice that in the "Shepard lives" ending, the love interest hesitates to place Shepard's name on the wall, and instead looks up as though deep in thought. This is meant to suggest that the love interest is not ready to believe Shepard is dead, and the final scene reveals they are correct. As the Normandy lifts off, there is hope that the love interest and Shepard will again be together.

Could Bioware have stated that the Destroy Ending in Mass Effect 3 be the Cannon Ending to the series? If so does this mean more Mass Effect is apun us? Only time will tell. For those that havn't seen it, the Destroy Ending  Extended Cut is viewable down below



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