Craig's first impressions of Call of Duty XP

Posted on September 2, 2011 - 9:00pm by Sean Hinz

I received a phone call from Craig today to get his first impressions on day one of Call of Duty: XP. To treat you g1s to some “inside baseball”, here is how the conversation unfolded.

Me - Craig, What’s up? How is L.A. treating you?

Craig - Good, good. Not super hot, like 80 - 85. Which is nice considering how many people are here.

Me - So it’s pretty busy? Nice turnout?

Craig - Yeah, really busy. When I first got here it seemed really unorganized. You ask someone a question and they respond by saying they weren’t sure, having been told three different things by different people. After being here for a few hours though, it seems to be coming together.

Me - Have you had a burger at Burger Town yet?

Craig - I actually just recorded myself eating one. I will put the video on the site later. I am afraid Burger Town does not have near enough food. There are like five windows and the lines are 150 people deep.

Me - Whoa. That’s a long line for a burger. What else have you seen?

Craig - Some pretty cool stuff, like the zip line, paintball, and the game [MW3]. I have not had a chance to do the training course.

Me - What’s the facility like?

Craig - Pretty much 2 hangers. One for the presentation and concerts, the other for MW3 and the tournament. This is actually the place where Howard Hughes held the “Spruce Goose”, so it’s pretty big. Still, they might need a bigger venue next year.

Me - So it’s a pretty good time. A success you might say?

Craig - Well I wouldn’t call it a failure. My main issue is there is not enough fun stuff to do for the people that are here.Take the paintball for example, it’s awesome, but each paintball game only lasts 7 min. With only 20 people per round, for hundreds and hundreds of people, you don’t get to play long enough.

Me - Well what about games? Do they have any other Call of Duty games besides Modern Warfare 3.

Craig - Not really, just Black Ops for the tournament stuff. Which is fine, since there are a lot of stations to play Modern Warfare 3.

Me - Well maybe next year they should consider showcasing all the Call of Duty titles. Set up little stations for 6 v 6 multiplayer in like World at War or even 4 v 4 in Call of Duty 2. Showcase the lineage of the franchise.

Craig - Yeah, maybe next year. Still, I am having fun and will send more pictures tonight.

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