Daily Recap: January 26th

Posted on January 27, 2012 - 11:00am by Sean Hinz

 Here is everything you missed from Thursday, January 26th...

  The Madden Curse
The Gamer from Mars will discover why every player to grace the cover of Madden has had misfortune with the fame. 
  Origin gains support of eleven new publishers
Starting to show interest in Origin? You may be interested to see the list of the eleven different publisher companies that have offered their game support for the service. 
  Why Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the best Street Fighter! PERIOD!
Own this game or I will do the Shun Goku Satsu on you... 
  Ooops! Netflix flips on video games
Don't plan on renting anything game related from these guys... 
  Dance Central 2 DLC Wrap-Up
Yes, it's back! The Dance Central 2 DLC Update. After a while and after some weird DLC scheduling I have all the DLC released after Lady Gaga. 
  Improved Wii U arrives just in time for Christmas
If that's what we still want to call it... 
  Living in 8 Bits: Episode 25 - Speed Run
New Episode of Living in 8 Bits Episode dealing with videotaping speed runs and world champions.... 
  The Witcher 2 gets an official release date for Xbox 360
Get ready for a bloody adventure on the Xbox 360... 
  New Animal Crossing 3DS details
The newest edition of Nintendo Magazine contains plenty of new details about the upcoming 3DS installment that is sure to get fans of Animal Crossing excited...
  Today's Takeaway - Indie developer helps U.S. soldier
If only customer service was taken this seriously everywhere...
  [Japan] Tales of the Heroes demo announced
The demo is here! 
  S*** Princesses of Guardia Say
S*** Princesses of Guardia Say... 
  [Japan] Sexy Soul Calibur V ads cut the bullshit
Big boobies! 


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